SHTF, Pets and Herbs for Chronic Illness

PetsWhat about our pets? Economic collapses has come and were off to our retreats with all our pets in tow. So now what do we do? Do you know how to take care of your pets? What should we have on hand to ensure our pets, which are now becoming alert dogs, be taken care of and how do we do it?

Tonight 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct. Join BexarPrepper on “Preparing For Life’s Storms” and her guest PetPrepper. Pet will walk us through the appropriate tools and skills to keep us prepared in the case of SHTF. Just because were in the middle of the crisis doesn’t mean that we forget the obligations we made when we brought our best friends, our pets into our home and the answer doesn’t lie in letting them fend for themselves.
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Herbs for Chronic Illness in a Post Disaster Environment: Type 2 Diabetes and Asthma
Tonight 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct Sam Coffman discusses some of the most common chronic illnesses in America and how he would deal with them using herbs if he were in a post-disaster situation. Read more “SHTF, Pets and Herbs for Chronic Illness”