Caring for Chronic Illnesses Post-Disaster

Caring for Chronic Illnesses Post-Disaster
Host: Cat Ellis “The Herbal Prepper Live

Chronic IllnessesTwo weeks ago, in my first broadcast, I mentioned an article that cited a rather startling figure. Seventy-five percent of all health care costs are now due to chronic disease. Keeping this in mind, the Centers for Disease control has posted to its website that seven our of ten deaths are from chronic disease, and that one in every two Americans have a chronic disease.

Combine this further with the fact that the CDC also goes on to state that the four leading causes of chronic illness are behavior or lifestyle related. This is your wake-up call, America.

Chronic IllnessesThis is the unfortunate result of a sickcare system, instead of an actual healthcare system. In this sickcare system, we taken in nutritionless, processed, food-substitutes, don’t move enough, and rely upon pharmaceuticals to manage whatever our current level of illness may be. Read more “Caring for Chronic Illnesses Post-Disaster”