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Raising Your Own Chickens (part 2)

Raising Your Own Chickens (part 2)
Host: Bobby Preparing to Provide!

Raising Your OwnDuring the last show of “Preparing to Provide“, we had a great discussion with Paul Wheaton and several callers. A lot was discussed, with quite a bit of focus on long term objectives. Things like rotating paddocks and free ranging would seem to be the end goal for a truly self-sufficient method of raising chickens. However, not everyone has the necessary space for these methods. And for a beginner, sometimes you have to crawl before you walk. A lot of questions remain. Things like… Where to buy chicks? Is it better to start with pullets? How many chickens can you have per coop? What feed is best at what stage? How to deal with extreme heat and cold? With that in mind, we’re going to go back and fill in a lot of the blanks. Continue reading Raising Your Own Chickens (part 2)