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The collapse, when change will matter!

The Collapse, when change will matter!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

CollapseHow many nations have fallen into a complete collapse? Better yet, in the last 200 years how many first world nations have broken down completely into complete chaos? This is not to say that the perfect scenario and the perfect set of circumstances couldn’t come along and throw our country into a tailspin. Anything’s possible. In my opinion its time to move away from buying things to get you prepared and begin real lifestyle changes for the world that is here. Continue reading The collapse, when change will matter!


Life Changes! Be Ready!

ChangesLife changes! We all know the only thing that is constant is change. Are you ready for the changes that could come your way? Flood, fire, drought, hurricane, tornado, extreme cold, terrorist event, economic issues and more occur constantly, a fact proven over and over. Now is the time to prepare for the unexpected events of life not later. Preparing for the unexpected is something that should be sooner than later. According to articles dating back to Feb of 2012 some 3 million residents of the good ole USA are considered preppers, so the news is out. Together with this number and the unknown numbers of people quietly preparing their lives the need for clear, honest information is a necessity. Where can you find the information you need to be prepared, to protect your loved ones, to learn what is needed to lead a life of preparedness that creates both peace and power. Continue reading Life Changes! Be Ready!


What is happening with the shows on Prepper Broadcasting?

APNRFBicon2.130Changes are a coming. I have recently received messages and emails of concern from several listeners wondering “what has happened to the shows” they like to listen to. With the exception of Common Sense Prepping (waiting for confirmations) they are all still here and we have added more but changes have been made.

Do to our hosts, their work schedules, and preferences, the schedule does change from time to time to accommodate them as best we can. All of our hosts have their own work schedule and family’s to consider while still finding time to share their information with us through this network.

Because the network does not generate the kind of money needed to pay a host for their time or cover the costs of  the network itself, all time and effort is donated. It is my responsibility to facilitate the hosts to the best of my ability keeping as full a schedule as I can while making it as easy as I can for these hosts to do their shows.

If a change in schedule has made it harder for you to listen in live I am truly sorry and will hope you may work around this. As always, archives are available if you can not make a live show.

To listen to archived shows, see who’s new and the days and times of live broadcasts go to the Show Schedule tab at the top of this page.

As always, it is you, the listener, and your devotion to Prepper Broadcasting that drives us to be the best on-line Prepper related radio network out there. We will always welcome your comments and suggestions to help us become even better.




Ways you can effect changes on “The Preppers Poitin Hour”

Tired of the same old-same old? Want to change your life and world now? Well let us look at ways YOU can effect changes that can have short term pay-offs AND send a message to the powers that be that YOU will not live in fear and that you are going to control your own destiny, not they.  All politics are local, they say, and what is more local than garden in your backyard and the gray markets in your neighborhood?  Join Chris in this episode of The Prepper’s Poitin Hour Listen in player below.

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