A Cult? No, we’re just Preppers!

A Cult? No, we’re just Preppers!
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian”

CultFortunately I came across two different things on the internet. Before that I was having a tough time deciding on a topic for this week’s broadcast of The Prepared Canadin.  I could have talked about food storage or water purification again, looked into a top ten list of prepper related gear, or other such subjects, but I felt somewhat uninspired by these ideas.

cultOf the two articles the first was an article about a psychologist at Penn State that made a comparison of preppers to a cult, and in some respect he could have a point, but for the most part, his observations seem unfounded.  In fact, I explain a few ways in which this psychologist is likely a prepper himself, but just doesn’t know it. Read more “A Cult? No, we’re just Preppers!”