Winter Gardening with Caleb Warnock: Feed Your Family Year Round!

 Feed Your Family Year Round on The Homestead Honey Hour!

6-20 showDSCF9010     A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a fellow giving a tour of his snowy, Utah garden in February.   Astonishingly, it was filled with green, growing edibles.   Double-take.  I live in gardening zone five.   During the winter, my garden lays dormant, sadly vacant and abandoned until the planting madness of spring begins.   This is just how it is for gardeners in the North.  So, what was this dark magic being showcased on YouTube?  Who was this wizard coaxing green shoots, leaves, and plants to live and GROW amidst the snow?!?   I had to investigate.   Soon, I was rabidly perusing this man’s blog, intrigued by his unusual (in modern times anyway) gardening techniques as well as being thoroughly entertained with his writing style and approach to life.   I was hooked.   Read more “Winter Gardening with Caleb Warnock: Feed Your Family Year Round!”