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Creatures That Bite and Sting!

Creatures That Bite and Sting Jordan “A Family Affair” Audio player provided! They bite, sting and some may be lethal others even make your skin itch and crawl. So the kids have asked for it and we are going to discuss it. That’s right! All the things that bite and sting. “The creepy crawlies.” We…
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July 29, 2018 0

SHTF Pest Control!

SHTF Pest Control Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below! I do not know of a single human on this planet who enjoys mosquitoes, ticks, roaches, or creepy crawlies. Barring the entomologist in the world, being outside with bugs can mess up a perfect camping trip. Fortunately, there are many options to spray around and…
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November 11, 2017 0

Eating Bugs and Offal

Eating Bugs and Offal Micheal Kline “Reality Check” Audio player below This show might make you queasy.   If you are squeamish you might not like this one, but it’s a subject that needs to be covered and something you might benefit from. So why talk about this?  Why bother?

September 2, 2017 0

Down and Dirty, Gardening 101

Down and Dirty, Gardening 101 Host: Mike “Mike The Gardener” In this week’s episode, Mike chats with Dee Nash, author of the book The 20-30 Something Garden Guide: A No-Fuss, Down and Dirty, Gardening 101 for Anyone Who Wants to Grow Stuff. In this episode Dee fills us in on all kinds of great information…
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June 26, 2014 0