Bug Out Locations!

Bug Out Locations
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Bug Out LocationsThere are various scenarios from the possibility of natural disasters to post-apocalyptic chaos that prompt people to find secret locations where they can exist off the grid. When there’s a natural disaster that covers quite a large area – like a hurricane, the necessity arises of moving elsewhere where you have food, water and a place to stay until things are back to normal. If you are thinking Read more “Bug Out Locations!”


Real facts in achieving your “Homestead Lifestyle”

DSC cabin_10HwhitThis Sunday on A Preppers Path… Are you one of the millions of pay check to pay check people who know the value of being prepared but can’t see how to get there. We often hear about the prepper who left their several figure job, sold the big house, and set up their dream homestead/bug out retreat, BUT really how many of us have that sort of resource?  Is it even feasible or a pipe dream?  Join Lynna and Howard commonly known to all as HWhit through his You Tube videos, as they talk about the real facts in achieving your dreams of living a prepared life.  On The Other Side…A Preppers Path we take the opportunity to hear from someone who isn’t just dreaming or talking about the future but taking charge  right now.  Find out how to get started and reach your goal. HWhit is just about to make the move as his cabin is complete and the final touches are on schedule.  Learn about the pit falls and the amazing resources you have at your fingertips!

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The Crooked Path to Practical Preparedness!

Lately there has been a lot of talk and questions about Bug Out Locations or retreats.  Should you have one or not?  If  you are looking at getting one where should you start?  What do  you look for? 
Join Sissy Bob on The Crooked Path To Practical Preparedness this Tuesday July 10th at 8:00 p.m. for some great information on this topic.  She will have a very special guest that many people admire for all he has done for prepping awareness on a practical level.  Her guest will be Southernprepper1 who’s philosophy is “Don’t be scared be prepared”.  Southernprepper1 offers training courses in preparedness – everything from building a bug out bag to tactical training.  He also have a website www.PracticalPreppers.com .  He and his partners offer onsite retreat consultation specific to your needs.  Southernprepper1 is a treasure trove of information and he will be sharing it with us.  Have your phones ready and the number on speed dial so you can call in and get your questions answered.
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