Survival Fitness!

Survival Fitness
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

I am Liberty FitnessThe weather is breaking here on the east coast and nervous thoughts of bathing suits and tight shirts are sweeping across the land. The whole inventory of what went into your mouth over the holiday season and through the deepest darkest days of winter. There are a few times a year when you have the ability to hook people on fitness. Let me be clear it is about hooking people. Fitness is not a 6 week program. It’s incorporation or a fusion into your life. You start one day and if you are lucky you get to carry it on until the day you die. Read more “Survival Fitness!”


Healthy mind and body!

7-2the mind7-2bodyAs preppers one of our greatest concerns is health issues. Not only do we need to prep medical supplies but we need to find a way to stock up and store the medicines we take. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to reverse those things that happen as we age or experience in life that cause us medical issues? What if you no longer needed blood pressure medicines, insulin, psychiatric medicines? What if you could change your future from the effects of past traumatic experiences? So on Tuesday July 2nd 8pm central time on Preparing for Life’s Storms BexarPrepper will talk about how her life and others lives have been changed via a non-pharmaceutical noninvasive procedure. An amazing procedure that offers permanent changes for every area of your mind and body.
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