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Respect your Elders the Elderberry!

Respect your Elders the Elderberry! Lynna “A Preppers Path ” Audio player below! Respect your Elders, the Elderberry! Pretty sure nearly all of us have heard that command at one time or the other, and in reality it’s good advice! And as much as I do respect my elders they aren’t what or who this…
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July 25, 2018 0

Raising chickens?

Should I be raising chickens? Lynna “A Preppers Path ” Audio player below! Chickens, the egg before the hen or the hen before the egg? An age ole question and at this stage of the game does it matter? Chickens lay eggs and eggs turn into chickens, both are good tasting and nutritious and are the…
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July 18, 2018 0

The Dandelian, a boon to some bust for others!

The Dandelion a boon to some bust for others! Lynna “A Preppers Path ” Audio player below! Now really how does one not smile at the brilliant yellow blossoms dotting the country side or perhaps your lawn each spring and summer! Ok Ok I know dandelions are one of the most common and despised weeds…
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May 16, 2018 0

Gardening on the vertical

Gardening on the vertical! Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided below! Will old man winter never loosen his grasp? That’s the question up here in the wilds of Northern Idaho. Easter has come and gone the first day of spring was weeks ago and poof it snowed April 7th! Talk about a bit depressing,…
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April 11, 2018 0

Hen Fruit (Eggs) to the Rescue!

Hen Fruit (Eggs) to the Rescue! Host: Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided! Did you remember to eat your fruits and vegetables? Truly a positive behavior when it comes to our health. Most of us don’t get nearly enough whole foods including our fruits and vegetables which provide us nutritious and healthful benefits. While…
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February 6, 2018 0

A Rose by any other name?

A Rose by any other name? Host: Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided! In our busy world we often overlook what is right in front of us. In our quest to make things easier and better than, we forget that man still has yet to improve on Mother Nature. The rose for many has…
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November 8, 2017 0

The Benefits of Social Media in Prepping

The Benefits of Social Media in Prepping Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps” Listen in player below! In past shows I have talked about the dangers of social media and the internet. This episode I will flip the switch and talk about the benefits of social media in prepping. We often see the dangers of the…
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November 15, 2016 0

Silver, the unseen benefits!

Silver, the unseen benefits! James Walton “I Am Liberty” If you frequent any prepper website its likely you are inundated with information about buying gold and silver. Most adds can be as ostentatious as to tell you that “quickly before the dollar is devalued to 0” you must buy gold and silver. Then there is…
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February 6, 2016 0

Homeschooling, what you want to know!

Homeschooling, what you want to know! Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead” Karen Lynn is so excited to interview a “returning guest” Tiffany Davis Author of the blog Imperfectly Happy.  Tiffany is a homeschooling mom of 4.  Tiffany is an eclectic (and sometimes eccentric) homeschool mom with 19 years of success and failures under her not-so-supermom…
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August 6, 2015 0

GMO Foods Dangers & Organic Farming Benefits!

Missouri Addresses the Dangers of GMO Foods and the Benefits of Organic Farming! By: John Wesley Smith “Destiny Survival” Many preppers are already keenly aware of the dangers of GMO foods. We’ve heard about the benefits of organic farming and gardening. And we see the need to support those who produce locally grown food.  These…
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January 31, 2015 0

Food storage & survivalism misunderstood!

Food storage & survivalism misunderstood! Host: Jack Spirko “The Survival Podcast” Today is a show about one of the fundamentals of modern survival philosophy, food storage. Food storage is actually something that at one time was simply something everyone did. Every home in America at one time seemed to have a root cellar full of…
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January 10, 2015 3

Plants with Benefits

Plants With Benefits Host: Mike Podlesny “Mike The Gardener” In this week’s episode, Mike chats with Helen Yoest, the author of the book, Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers & Veggies in Your Garden. Helen Yoest is an award winning freelance garden writer, scout and stylist for some of…
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April 30, 2014 0

“The Great Pumpkin” Benefits & Uses!

“The Great Pumpkin” Benefits  & Uses Host: Lynna… A Preppers Path There’s a nip in the air, leaves are falling and the Great Pumpkin soon begins its reign. Halloween looms just around the corner unceremoniously the kick off to the fall/winter holiday season. A staple of the season the pumpkin begins its seasonal reign from…
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October 26, 2013 0