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Interview with Karen Lynn “Lil’ surban Homestead”

Interview with Karen Lynn “Li’l Suburban Homestead”
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Interview 7304152594_nThis episode, we are talking with Karen Lynn Thompson and her husband, “The Viking”, from Li’l Suburban Homestead. Homesteader, beekeeper, and fellow Prepper Broadcasting podcaster, Karen Lynn is owner of Lil’ Suburban Homestead and has been featured on Scratch Magazine, Prepare Magazine, just to name a few. She is a Co-Host at The Farm Blog Hop and The Simple Saturdays Blog Hop, and has a live streaming show every other Monday at 8pm Eastern on Continue reading Interview with Karen Lynn “Lil’ surban Homestead”


Winter Care For The Bees!

Winter Care For The Bees. A Tale of 2 Beekeepers 
Host: KarenLynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

BeesKaren Lynn of Lil’ Suburban Homestead joins you this week interviewing her two favorite beekeepers Troy Marino aka Farmer Tito and Bee Bayou and her husband The “Viking” in her life and page owner of Help The Beez Pleez to talk about Winter Care for Bees!  She has interviewed both of these beekeeper before for prior shows and now for a special treat for all of you they both agreed to come on the show together! Continue reading Winter Care For The Bees!


African Bees and the March Against Monsanto

African Bees and the March Against Monsanto
Host: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours

African BeesThis weeks show is a lot of fun! We continue on with Bees, and talk a bit about the March against Monsanto. May 24th 2014 is a day for all of the people to put aside politics, and come together around food. No matter what “party” if any you are affiliated to Monsanto is worth protesting. We need mass action to send a clear message not to the company, but the politicians that we will vote them out unless they start protecting our food supply. We spent last week and a good part of this weeks show devoted to Bees, Monsanto is hurting the bees and the bees are the food! Please consider joining us nationwide to March Against Monsanto! Continue reading African Bees and the March Against Monsanto


The virtues of raising honey bees!

Lynna 27-1TBBLynne 27-1western-honey-bee-34108The Top Bar coming your way 1/27/13.  It’s a (BYOB) Bring your own bottle affair because we are talking about that sweet elixir HONEY! That’s right Christy Hemenway of Gold Star Honey Bees joins the Other Side of A Preppers Path once again to talk about the virtues of raising honey bees and answer your questions. Honey the incredible elixir and natural sweetener, a must in the kitchen as well as the medicine chest. Find our why the author of The Thinking Beekeeper says It’s Not about the Honey, Honey” Christy’s knowledge and experience is well known countrywide she is a contributor to the Mother Earth News Fairs where bee enthusiast or newbies glean an abundance of both. She is active in teaching, writing and swarm rescue? Swarm rescue you ask, what is that why is it important? Tune in for the answer and many more as we visit the fascinating world of the honey bee.
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Outside the box for Successful Preppers!

Outside the box! Successful Preppers always think outside the box! Join the Other Side of a Preppers Path this show accomplished beekeeper, teacher and author Christy Hemenway shares Bee Keeping outside the box! You’d love bees and honey but isn’t commercial bee keeping expensive and tough to learn? No worries let Christy help you out of the box and into a profitable venture.  Get the buzz on working with bees rather than against them. Learn how simplistic, sustainable and cost effective bee keeping can be. Got questions call in!  Honey the wonder elixir, YAY BEES!  Listen to this show in player below.

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