Along the Suffrage Trail` From West to East for FREEDOM NOW!

Along the Suffrage Trail` From West to East for FREEDOM NOW!
By: Amelia Fry

Part of preparedness for most of us has not only been the effort put forth to protect ourselves from unforeseeable events but to also protect ourselves from tyranny, the loss of freedom and liberty. The following article describes a major campaign won by strong Women, strong enough and with enough determination to take on government at all levels… and win. A reminder that change can be made with courage and determination. Gman

SuffrageThe place was San Francisco. The time was September 16, 1915, and in the brilliant lights of the Panama Pacific International Exposition the first Women Voters’ Convention was staging its grand finale – a spectacular send-off of petite Sara Bard Field and her fellow envoy, Frances Jolliffe, on one more woman suffrage campaign. What made this campaign different was that it was to be entirely by auto, entirely across the continent, and entirely by women. The mission: to symbolize the offer of the political power of the enfranchised women of the West to their voteless sisters in the East. The plan was direct and dramatic – direct because they would take a suffrage petition to President Woodrow Wilson and to the Congress for the opening day of its 1915 – 1916 session; dramatic because in all major cities along the route they would stage parades and rallies, garner public statements of support from congressmen in their home territories, and add thousands of names to the petition – which already had half a million signatures on a roll of paper 18,333 feet long. Read more “Along the Suffrage Trail` From West to East for FREEDOM NOW!”