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How to Prepare for a Tornado!

How to Prepare for a Tornado

TornadoA tornado can appear as a funnel shape, spinning through the air or may just appear as a dark cloud on the horizon. Tornadoes develop out of strong thunderstorms and can be devastating and even fatal. Rotating winds can get up to 300 mph and tornadoes path of damage can be more than a mile in width and as much as 50 miles in length. Continue reading How to Prepare for a Tornado!


The Aftermath, What Would You Do?

The Aftermath, What Would You Do
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil Suburban Homestead

The AftermathThis week Karen Lynn interviews LeaAnn Edmondson Blog Owner of Homestead Dreamer and Author of Aftermath A Story of Survival with contributions by Mike Kosinksi. Whether you are a fan of prepper fiction or not you will not only love this book you will love hearing from LeAnn. She actually runs a weekly story series on her own blog and it’s interactive with the fans that come to her blog and weigh in and share their feedback. Karen Lynn herself aspires to write prepper fictions so she was so exited to have this opportunity to interview LeAnn and found out how this story evolved? Continue reading The Aftermath, What Would You Do?


In the Aftermath of a Disaster!

disaster shelterdisaster shelter2As individuals who make preparing a way of life through not only our mindset but physical actions the aftermath is in fact what we prepare for.  No matter the event, planned, natural or man-made it’s what comes, after, that we prepare for.  On this episode of The Other Side…A Preppers Path we have an open discussion about the Aftermath of Disaster. What can you expect initially and down the road.  Check out some real life aftermath like Katrina and Fukushima.  What can we take away from the recent disasters we’ve all witnessed of late. The phone lines will be open for your comment and question don’t miss your chance to find out about THE AFTERMATH!
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