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Weapons Technology!

Weapons Technology
Dirty Lew & Highlander “Tech Prep

Weapons Dangerous_weapons_seized_from_holiday_flights_at_Manchester_AirportOn this episode we will talk about various weapons technology, and the history and uses of weapons in modern day life. Learn about sighting systems, various bullet technology and how weapons have made us safer and made life LESS dangerous. We will talk about why most people today need a form of weapon, whether gun, knife, bat, pepper spray, etc…

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Technology dependent, then & now!

Technology dependent, then & now!
Host: Crazy Lew & Highlander “Tech Preps

Technology il_fullxfull.106191355In this show we will be discussing technology from the early 1900s vs modern day technology and if this technology has made our lives easier, better, or just plain lazier.

Thru out history we have always had technology advancements, but in the past 100 years we have taking a staggering leap in the form of knowledge and technology. We often see technology as beneficial for humans, which it is in many ways, however this can be a double edged sword. Continue reading Technology dependent, then & now!