Rob Underhill, Award winning director “The Carrington Event”

Rob Underhill “The Carrington Event”
Host: Tara “Common Sense Prepping

Rob UnderhillAward winning director Rob Underhill is the next featured guest on the American Prepper Broadcasting’s Common Sense Prepping radio show. Underhill’s The Carrington Event is a six-season television series which depicts the aftermath of a massive Earth-directed solar flare in America. The captivating and award-winning series is a play on words. Those who have researched and are concerned about solar flares are already familiar with the Carrington Event of 1859 – the largest recorded CME to ever impact the planet.

The series begins after an Earth-directed solar flare takes down the power grid. The series focuses on how the Carrington family and their community is forced to quickly deal with the shock of the downed power grid. Although there won’t be any zombies roaming the Earth after a massive solar flare, the characters are still forced to hone skills quickly in order to survive.

When Common Sense Prepping asked director Rob Underhill how the idea for The Carrington Event series materialized, he had this to say: Read more “Rob Underhill, Award winning director “The Carrington Event””