EDC, Then and Now, What did soldiers carry?

EDC, Then and Now, What did our soldiers carry?

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EDC a_744_20150831102947Have you ever thought of technology and how it came about? Let us define technology, it is not just computers and gadget, technology is manmade devices, objects, tools that are designed to aid in man’s work, pleasure, and over all progress. In this episode of Tech Preps I will talk about preps from the medieval days till current. I will go over various periods in Human history and what those people carried during those times. I will talk from roughly 1066 till current day and I will discuss what men and women used and how some things have stayed the same yet changed.

10-5-15 a_744_20150831103026We have to look at EDC as an evolution, the need to carry certain objects have changed over the years, we are no longer a warrior living by the sword so edc has scaled down quite a bit. I will talk about some things you wouldn’t think of a warrior carrying, and I will delve into what was practical for them to carry in the time period. The Anglo-Saxon warrior, and what they used on an everyday basis to stay alive, we often do not think of edc as lifesaving but that is one that has changed with edc that we will discuss further.

10-5-15 a_744_20150831103303We will take a look at Mounted Nights in the 1200s, what they carried, what armor, weapons, and other day to day implements that made their lives easier. I will also talk about the mounted and un-mounted Archer, what advantages they had and disadvantages. I will talk about soldiers from early firearm era till modern day. I will discuss the changes that came with every day carry from just a couple hundred years ago till now. As with all soldiers I thank God for their courage and devotion to fight against evil and this show is a pledge to all of the fighting men and women fighting for what is right.

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