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The Surreal News!

Your Host: Doug Carlston aka Goat Hollow

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“Surreal News & Prepping with GoatHollow


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Special—- This Wednesday 4/22

Walmart mysteriously closing stores??? Despite a number of “Conspracy theories” regarding the abrupt closing of a number of wal-Mart stores, in the last week over “Plumbing Problems”… The bottom line is that the Company hasn’t been doing very well. My guest this week on GoatHollow’s Surreal news will be Youtube’s “KittenKatten” who hosts the long running video series “East Coast Economic Update” We’ll get his unique insight into what’s really happening with the Ecomomy!!! This Wed at 8:00 p.m. Central time.

The most important hour (Ish) of your life!!!!!

Goat Hollow and his Surreal News isn’t quite Edward R. Murrow, remember legendary Edward R. Murrow the quintessence of unbiased and real news, surreal or not? A news media, taking pride in the integrity of reporting with factual representation regardless of personal agenda! The Surreal News harkens back to the reporting skills of Murrow.

News, the real facts whether stranger than fiction, surreal in fact, that hits the headlines. You can find the real deal, what really is going on in this world with high caliber noteworthy stories you need to know about. Most will agree today’s mainstream news is less about news and facts reported with integrity and more about entertainment, shock value and misrepresentation aimed at getting the viewer and/or promoting personal agendas.

Leave the world of fairy tale news behind, where you are spoon fed information of faux authenticity and learn what you really need to know. Tune in each and every Wednesday night and step back into the days of factual unbiased news, all the news surreal or not delivered with true integrity and a desire to let the people know, trusting them to make up their own minds. Unbiased facts the main stream talking heads don’t want you to know.

Join Goat Hollow and the Surreal News for a news broadcast of content with integrity good news or bad.

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3/20/2013 GoatHollow and The Surreal News!  Special Guest on Edible Forest Garden

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11/28/2012 Prepping With GoatHollow! “MorningMayan”  as well as being an accomplished prepper, she has also studied the Mayan culture extensively! Also appearance from David Acton!

11/21/2012 Prepping With GoatHollow! Will the Amish have a better chance?

11/14/2012 Prepping With GoatHollow! Tips from Australia and New Zealand on gardening!

11/7/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  Hurricane Sandy, A resident who lived it, interview!

10/31/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  Donkeys and Elephants. Will you bother to vote?

10/24/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Are you brainwashed?

10/17/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Prepping and getting ready for colder weather.

10/10/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Solar batch water heaters!

10/3/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Tonight’s episode will have to be rescheduled due to tech issues.

9/26/2012 Prepping With GoatHollow!  Seeing the forest for the trees.

9/19/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  Ron Foster “Preppers road march” now it’s ARk Storm! on Prepping With GoatHollow.

9/12/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Desperate times for Preppers?

9/5/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Energy alternatives, and more importantly… Adjusting your energy expectations!

8/29/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Goat Hollow on drought and other topics prepper related.

8/22/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Ironhead41!!!!  He’s a master at “Prepping” and joins Goat Hollow!

8/15/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Homesteading verses prepping.

8/8/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  Goat Hollow off grid and the state of our economy with KittenKattan a long time prepper, who is currently building his family an entirely off grid homestead !

8/1/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  Are you chicken?

7/25/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Violence in America! The senseless shooting in Colorado, this past weekend’s  Police violence and riot in Anaheim, and where will it all lead.

7/18/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Perception is what we make of it.

7/11/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Coping if energy sources suddenly disappeared!

6/27/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Gardening, composting and much more.

6/20/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Goat Hollow does the Surreal News!

6/13/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Newbie to prepping AJ Prepper joins GoatHollow.

6/6/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Community involvement!

5/30/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! SkyBird, Youtube Prepper joins Goat Hollow focusing on animal husbandry.

5/23/2012 Prepping With GoatHollow! Freedom in an unfree world!

5/16/2012 Prepping With GoatHollow! The advantages of StoveTec for cooking . Some great information.

5/9/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Guest Engineer775, from Youtube on prepping, Dooms Day Preppers and more.

5/2/2012 Prepping With Goag Hollow!  Zippcast is back with updates on progress, questions and answers on there determination to take on Youtube.

4/25/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  “Real day Preppers” aims to offer a counter balance to Doomsday Preppers. A great interview with Lowbuckprepper about his on line version to the Tv program.

4/18/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Our modern world looked at as a chain with many week links.

4/11/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Guest Ron Foster author of many prepper books and a great interview on all things prepping.

4/4/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! What would you do if S.H.T.F. forever? What will you do when your preps run out? Listen to this episode for ways to think outside the box.

3/28/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Guest  MichiganSnowPony and topic outside is farm animals and in the kitchen it’s dehydrating, canning, preserving or preparing.

3/21/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  “MrsNewAmericaNow” is back with more on herbs, remedies and uses for medical situations.

3/14/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Mark Baker is fighting to keep his pig farm. The Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources declared almost all heritage breed of an invasive species.

3/7/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Guest “MrsNewAmericaNow” A great show on herbs, remedies and uses for medical situations.

2/29/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! GoatHollow and guest Katzcradul with a stellar amount of information on canning and preserving part two.

2/22/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Guest Bexar Prepper All about canning. If you don’t know the answer you will find it here.

2/15/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Open mic anything prepp and great conversation.

2/8/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  It’s the new alternative to Youtube… Interview with Zippcast.

2/1/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Guest: Ron Foster, author of the Prepper Trilogies…Prepper talk.

1/25/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Guest “MorningMayan”  as well as being an accomplished prepper, she has also studied the Mayan culture extensively!  (Including the Mayan calendar).

1/18/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Doug, and his guest IronHead, will be discussing all kinds of prepping subjects from processing wild game, to home canning bacon, to caring for animals.

1/11/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow! Interview with Mother Earty63 A virtual encyclopedia, on all things sustainable, gardening, and animal husbandry.

1/4/2012 Prepping With Goat Hollow!  Guest, will be Kevin from the Outer Banks (Known onYoutube as OBXSOLWIND!!!) Let’s talk SHTF energy!!! Kevin is an expert in the field of solar and wind electricity!

12/28/2011 Prepping With Goat Hollow We’ll be talking about all things communications for preppers.  Doug’s guest will be the Youtuber known as xxRenaissanceManxx , who’s an avid ham radio operator, and all around expert in communications.

Prepping With Goat Hollow #1 12/21/2011  Join Goat Hollow for his inaugural show!  his guest will be Vention4wh of Youtube fame.  Vention is a long time prepper, and a “Vlogger” on Youtube for many years.  He  has fantastic experience at “Urban Prepping” In a condominium setting, so for all of you preppers out there who feel “Stuck in the city”, this is the show for you!!!


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