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On the next episode of Pet Prep Radio” 11/12/2012

Nutrition Show II—Enzymes Rule!

Last week as we explored, “What’s in our Pet Food Anyway”, we learned plenty of invaluable information about the makeup of Commercial Pet Foods that many of us were not aware of—this is why this week we continue on our complex, yet worthy, nutrition journey for Pets and Their People Too. The topic can’t get enough air time, simply because we can’t know enough about what the right nutrition can do and does to us and for us!

Join me this week as I, (Sheri The Organic Pet Lady), get into a bit of the history of the genetic modification of food, what GMO’s (Genetic Modified Organisms) actually do to you and your pet. I also spend some time sharing some very unusual and interesting facts about Itchy Skin and a few of the many causes that can contribute and finally, what exactly are Enzymes? –Namely, what are they, how do they affect us, how do they work and how important are they? Additionally, we discuss vaccine facts and the pros and cons of vaccination both for human and for the pet!
Another benefit from this show is some great wisdom and some invaluable resources that will help both you and your pet to learn why it is so important to build up your immune system and where to find specific products that can help-frugally!

I share a lot of really important information that isn’t often spoken about and information that isn’t commonly known that you shouldn’t miss and should seriously share with friends and family!

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About: Pet Prep Radio

Pet Prep Radio, looking out for the other members of the family always loved but sometims forgotten. If it’s about your pets or even the critters that live wild all around us we will bring you new and exciting facts and answers to your questions. We are not alone and they may need our help when sky’s turn gray. Learn what you can do as a Pet Prepper.

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