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Preparing to Provide!

With Bobby aka “MHPgardener”


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Preparing to Provide”  

About: Preparing to Provide!

We all have three basic needs… food, shelter, and clothing. Without food, the rest doesn’t matter. With food prices continuing to rise, it makes sense now more than ever to start growing your own food. So whether it’s a typical row garden, raised beds, greenhouse, or hydroponics… join Bobby as he shares how he is preparing to provide for his family and those in need, and how you too can be taking steps to care and provide for your loved ones.

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Archived shows:

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6/25/2013 Gardening without Soil – Understanding Hydroponics

6/11/2013 Preparing to Provide!  Gardening and Drought on “Preparing to Provide”

5/28/2013 Preparing to Provide!  More gardening questions revealed and answered

5/14/2013 Preparing to Provide!  Gardening and gardening while struggling with unusual weather.

4/30/2013 Mater and Tater! Mater and Tater on self sustainability!

4/23/2013 Preparing to Provide! Gardening, Questions & Answers with MHPgardener

4/10/2013 Preparing to Provide! Garden Fertilizers – Feeding Your Plants

3/26/2013 Preparing to Provide! Self Sufficient Ideas: An Aquaponics Discussion with Rob from Web4Deb

3/12/2013 Preparing to Provide! Greenhouse gardening, this is what I’m talking about!

2/1/2013 Preparing to Provide!  Gardening Questions and Answers – Open Discussion

2/1/2013 Preparing to Provide!  First-hand accounts about the life of a true homesteader!

1/18/2013 Preparing to Provide! Raising Chickens – Part 2 – What You Need to Know!

1/4/2013 Preparing to Provide! Raising Chickens – What You Need to Know

12/21/2012 Preparing to Provide! The Seeds We Sow Everyday! Not the ones you’re thinking of.

12/7/2012 Preparing to Provide! Selecting the most productive varieties for your garden depending on where you live!

11/16/2012 Preparing to Provide! Genetically Modified Seeds: Your garden and your food, what you need to know.

11/2/2012 Preparing to Provide! Understanding Vegetable Seeds!

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