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On the next episode of  Preparing for Life’s Storms” 9/24/2012

I’m a Prepper, he’s a Prepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper Too!!

People ask me all the time, what is a prepper? Are we what some people think preppers are? Those strange people you see on reality TV that give you the creeps or the homesteader you see at the farmers market. I guess there will always be some that meet that stereotype, but for most preppers we look more like the Wikipedia definition of a prepper “Prepper is an individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances.” Preppers just purchase more insurance to cover what each individual sees as likely probability to occur. As a prepper how can you find your place in the prepping community, find your niche of like minded people? Do you take the chance to open yourself to meeting other preppers or do you stay alone? Where can you find other like minded people? Once you make your connections do you go it alone or do you form a group? Which would give you greater survivability or greater flexibility? Join BexarPrepper for her final show Tuesday September 24th at 8 pm central time where we’ll talk about this a so much more.

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Life is like a road in the hills. We all experience up, downs, twists and turns. What makes this road level out is the amount of preparation that’s taken before the crisis hits. So whether your preparing for 2012 or those dreaded words “we have to lay you off”, prepping will see you through. So come join BexarPrepper for a informative yet entertaining hour as we share our knowledge on this journey.

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2/12/2013 Preparing For Life’s Storms! Canning vs. Dehydrating What Method is the best approach?

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1/8/2013 Preparing For Life’s Storms! The top 10 in must have food storage!

1/1/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! What we can and can’t do with all the losses of freedom. This is a not miss show and be sure to follow the links provided!

12/25/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms!  Setting personal prepping goals for the coming year.

12/18/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms!  Tools for Preppers to disappear in plain sight”

12/11/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! Will all the fruitcakes in the world finally cause the upper crust to collapse causing the world to implode?

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11/27/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! RFID on students. So what is the purpose and plans for yet another invasion into our privacy?

11/20/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! Water, Food, First-Aid Kit and toilet paper. What am I missing in my BOB?

11/6/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! FullSpectrumSurvival! Are you prepared to survive any situation?

10/16/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! Putting your gardens to bed, with Bobby otherwise known as MhpGardener!

10/2/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms!  Maintaining your environment!

9/18/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! Preparing to homestead, without going into dept!

9/4/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! The Impending Cascade in Human Life in a SHTF Situation

8/21/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! Preparing For Life’s Storms talking about dehydrating!

8/7/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms!  OldGeezerPrepper and Communications with “Bexar Prepper”

7/17/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! So what’s the best and least expensive way to stock your food storage pantry? Want to know that what you’re feeding your family is nutritious and not full of chemicals? “CANNING”!

7/3/2012 Preparing For Life’s Storms! The debut of Bexar preppers first show with guest Bobby (mhpgardener) don’t miss this show!



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