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 This Thursday on Apocalypse Nana 9/18/2014

Disaster Blast

9-18-14 Hurricane-Sandy-USIn the fourteenth century, there were estimated, 400 million people on the earth. In 1556, an earthquake in Shaanxi China, wiped out nearly a million people or 25% of the earth’s population. If you woke up tomorrow morning and heard on the news that a massive earthquake hit China through India killing 1.8 billion people, what would you think? How would you feel? That is the equivalent in today’s world of the 1556 earthquake.

Everyone believes we are relatively safe, as did those in Indonesia and Haiti where a quarter of a million people lost their lives. But earthquakes and tsunamis aren’t the only natural threat to the world. If Yellowstone erupts, it would be a global catastrophe. Mega storms, tidal waves, meters, ice age … all nature’s fury that we possibly face.

SONY DSCThis week on Apocalypse Nan, we talk about types of disaster we can face and how we can prepare for them. We bring on our guests to discuss these potential global events and in the process of having fun, learn some things. All three guests are brand new to the show. With us we have author J. Thorn.

J. Thorn is a Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure and Fantasy (Amazon Author Rank). In March of 2014 Thorn held the #5 position in Horror alongside his childhood idols Dean Koontz and Stephen King (at #4 and #2 respectively). He is an official, active member of the Horror Writers Association and a member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. J. is a contributor to disinformation.com and a staff writer for HeavyPlanet.net

Thorn earned a B.A. in American History from the University of Pittsburgh and a M.A. from Duquesne University. He has spent the last twenty years researching mysticism and the occult in colonial American history.

When we asked him about his readiness, he said this, “I have a supplies for a few weeks, but anything beyond that we’re all screwed anyway ;)” We have to remember to discuss the China Earthquake with him and if he sees a historical pattern in big disasters.

9-18-14 annBWe also have, Annie Berdel Based in Indianapolis, Annie Berdel is a self proclaimed advocate of educating women in the art of personal protection and self reliance. As an aspiring writer, Annie took her advocacy and dove into the dystopia genre with strong female lead characters.

A passion for firearms, herbal medicine, knives, slingshots, home canning, Kali street fighting, Kempo karate and furry animals fuels the fire and adds countless stories to be told beginning with her inaugural book “Alpha Farm, The Beginning”. Wife, mother, business professional and bibliophile, in her spare time, Annie likes to stretch the boundaries of survival in a Post Apocalyptic scenario.

Wanting to leave The Big Blue Marble better than she found it for her children and grandchildren, Annie is always learning, always loving and always looking for ways to help people become self reliant and better prepared for whatever may come. Visit Annie’s website: www.AnnieBerdel.com FB: www.facebook.com/ApocalypseCowgirl

9-18-14 ROwenaAnd last but not least will be Rowena Whaling, Author of Voices of the Stars – the true, long lost chronicles of King Arthur, and his star-crossed love for Morgan. Woven into its rich Dark Age tapestry are ancient rites, Goddesses, Seers, Enchantresses, Druids, Dragons, and the Leonardo DaVinci of his day, Gwyddion the Merlin. Immerse yourself into this Otherworldly saga. Live its Magic Circle of legend, and Epic Poetry. It will fill you with power and awe.

Rowena wanted to take the moment to get person, so here is what she had to say to you the listeners to get ready for the show. Hello. Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Rowena Whaling. I am the author of “Voices of the Stars”, which is my first venture into becoming a professional author.

9-18-14 annsbookI always knew that I would become a writer of books. I began writing poetry at 6 yrs. old and by the time I was 10 years of age, I was a prolific writer — crafting extensions and expanded versions of Greek (Homeric) sagas & myths into short stories, which brought new characters and events to life. My first literary publishing was at 13 years of age — two poems in a large school of the arts (High School & Jr. College) yearbook.

However, my lifelong love of music and of singing lead me to embark upon the path of a singer and writer of songs. I was trained for the opera, which then lead to singing jazz, pop, R&B rock and to the obvious outlet as a writer of songs… I have two current music CDs, under the name of Rowena of the glen. I have had hundreds of songs published, of which I am composer of both lyrics and music.

Besides being an Author, Singer, Poet, Composer, I am a Mythographer, and a self taught Cultural Anthropologist. I present workshops/lectures and teach Women’s Mysteries, and other related topics.

Perhaps we can persuade Rowena so send us a sample of her singing.

Wow, two historians and a homesteader. What a show! Don’t miss it!

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Who says learning can’t be fun? Whether you are an expert prepper or just beginning, Author Jacqueline Druga opens up your world to survival and readiness in an entertaining, fun and informative way. More than an author, Jacqueline is a mother and grandmother and her means of readiness are geared toward protection of those she loves.

You don’t need high tech to stay alive and be ready, knowledge is far more important.

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Informing the listener with left/right, ying/yang debates and round table style informative discussion. Her guests are not just experts in the survival and apocalypse fields, they will also include celebrities/authors/athletes who may not be prepared. Listen as Jacqueline and the experts school and talk to the novice guests about how they would react. What would they do?

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