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This weeks episode of “The Waterman Files” Tuesday 3/13/2012

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About Dr. Waterman


Dr. Waterman, is a former professor of pre-med and nursing, and currently a doctor of altervative therapies.As an undergraduate he was a candidate for the “Institutions and Policy Oxbridge Tutorial Series” (Rhodes program) at Cambridge. His broadcast, “The Waterman Files” will cover geopolitics,economics, health and big pharma, ufo’s, and conspiracies, updates for the ground crews, every week from deep inside the castle.


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Show Archives:

3/6/2012 The Waterman Files! Secure information through the internet with guest computer guru Herio and WEBBOT.

2/28/2012 The Waterman Files! Eli James joins Doc. for a comparison of prophecy and the WEBBOT report.

2/21/2012 The WatermanFiles & Twisted Radio! WEBBOT and the turmoil in banking across the globe.

2/14/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio!” The Waterman Files” WEBBOT report and world news.

1/7/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio!  “The Waterman Files” with the WEBBOT report and Big Brother.

1/31/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio! “The Waterman Files” NDAA, and the new civil war coming

1/24/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio! “The Waterman Files”  interviewing Eli James about geopolitics and predictions for the near future..

1/17/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio Prepping tips with bows, also Romney, Santorum, and their connections to enemies of America.

1/10/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio Final Episode of the WEEBOT, and current events.

1/3/2012 The Waterman Files! The WEEBOT reports an current events.

12/27/2011 The Waterman Files! The WEEBOT reports and geopolitics.

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