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This weeks episode of  The Hoss U.S.M.C. 4/2/2012

The Hoss USMC will not be on tonight do to personal emergency. Instead we will be airing a rebroadcast of The Homestead Honey Hour’s introductory episode for those that missed it. This show is loaded with information on canning, preserving, dehydrating and with great audience participation a lot of in the kitchen homesteading questions were answered. If you have not heard this show please come back and join us at 8:00pm/Ct. You will not be disappointed.


About The Hoss U.S.M.C.

Emergency preparedness, firearms, manipulations, and philosophy are just the tip of the iceberg. It is my intent to share with those what I know, study, and research in order to help them in their efforts to be  more self reliant and independent. Topics will be informative and entertaining. Be aware and be prepared.

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Archived shows:

3/26/2012 The Hoss U.S.M.C.  The daily duties and roles filled by those tasked with keeping the prepper community running.

3/19/2012 The Hoss U.S.M.C.  Short term disaster to long term disasters without government services, as well as threats large and small, and how to address those threats.

3/12/2012 The Hoss U.S.M.C  Community preparedness! This time we focus on skills and duties in an emergency situation.

3/5/2012 The Hoss U.S.M.C.  Mutual Defense Agreement people preparing for emergencies and disasters.

2/27/2012 The Hoss U.S.M.C. Food and Water storage, do’s and don’ts and some great tips with great interaction from callers.

2/20/2012 The Hoss U.S.M.C. The Rifleman, militia, etc for the past 300 years and now.

2/13/2012 The Hoss U.S.M.C. Introduction and discussion of the content and back round of Colonel Hoss will start out tonight’s first episode. Afterwards water, with a general overview of water and sanitation in an emergency situation. Maybe you think you’ve heard it all?


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