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This weeks episode of  “The Eleventh Hour”  6/2/2012

Ron Foster author of the prepper trilogies joins Mr. Smith!


About The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour will cover a wide range of topics concerning the preparedness lifestyle. The show’s host, Mr. Smith, will interview guests from various fields of expertise that can benefit the preparedness community. From practical to tactical; we will provide information which will educate and empower our listeners. If you are interested in gaining insight on how to be better prepared, then join in the conversation. We encourage our listeners to become involved in each show. So don’t wait until the eleventh hour to prepare.


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Archived shows:

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5/19/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Events around us in our world today!

5/12/2012 The Eleventh Hour!  camping or hiking

4/28/2012 The Eleventh Hour!  Have you ever thought about preparedness for a person who has a disability or requires medications.

4/21/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Owen, Ebbs and Mr. Smith Gun, some great questions on gun laws. Another run out of time to get much into archery but looking for more of that on next episode.

4/14/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Ebbs from Hausofguns joins Mr. Smith about guess what? Guns, and a little archery.

4/7/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Dan of blade reviews in a discussion on knives, the primary multi purpose tool of any prepper/survivalist.

3/31/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Owen of All AK-47 at the helm with thoughts on current news and the relation ship to owning weapons.

3/10/2012 The Eleventh Hour! A little rough but still some good info. with and Mr. Smith on guns and gun laws.

3/3/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Mr. Ron Foster, author of  The Prepper Trilogy answering questions regarding his writing and also with some good information to help our listeners with their preparedness program.

2/25/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Guest The Hoss USMC Topics The right to bear arms and open carry.

2/18/2012 The Eleventh Hour!Part 3of 3 Our guests will be Ebbs, Haus Of Guns, Owen & Joshua of All AK-47, Shane of Integrated Martial Arts, and the founder of #Preppertalk, Survivor Jane.

2/11/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Part 2 on guns and self defense w/ Owen and Josh from All AK-47, Shane Hucks of Integrated Martial Arts, Ebbs from Haus Of Guns, and founder of #Preppertalk, Survivor Jane.

2/4/2012 The Eleventh Hour!  Ebbs from Haus Of Guns, and both Owen and Josh from All AK-47. For part one of a 3part series on guns for self defense.

1/28/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Special guest Shane on self defense for the prepper.

1/21/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Kalashnikov battle rifle, AK, AR and other weapons is topic with guest Owen (aka @Owensolid) Co-owner All AK-47

1/14/2012 The Eleventh Hour! Special guest Vic, the owner and founder of 5 Rings Tactical. Discussing  all, from home protection to neighborhood watch.

1/7/2012 The Eleventh Hour “Firearms: Prepper Essentials” with our guest Ebbs, founder of Haus Of Guns.


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