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This weeks episode of Red Horse Unleashed 9/30/2013

Common Core State Standards Initiative. Sounds innocuous enough, right? Well, 45 states have implemented, to various degrees, after federal strongarming in some cases, Common Core into their curriculum’s.  This has met with fierce opposition from some quarters.

In Maryland, last week, a parent was assaulted by an off duty police officer and arrested for respectfully questioning the State Department of Education leadership about common core in a public meeting. Outraged, Ann Miller, writer, filmed the incident and broke the story.  Her video and article has since gone viral.  She was on Glenn Beck this past Monday and we plan on having her on Red Horse Unleashed, and hopefully a few other surprising guests, this coming week on September 30 at 9pm EST. Folks, this is arguably the most dangerous thing to ever happen to this nation.  As Vladimer Ilyich Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Chris Watson


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“The Prepper’s Poitin Hour”, join your host Chris as he talks about all things prepping, politics, disaster management, and maybe some humor. Controversial? Maybe. Intrigueing? Potentially. Thought provoking? Hopefully. Useful? Always. Chris will bring his decades of eclectic military and civilian experience to the table ashe sips the poitin with you and waxes poetic on prepping. Slainte!

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5/20/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Impeachment, is it a viable option for President Obama?

5/13/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Perpetuating endless wars through fearmongering!

5/6/2013 The Preppers Poitn Hour!  Tolerance is compliance. Social justice is collectivism. Political correctness is infringement of free speech.

4/22/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Bombings, manhunts, shoot-outs, devastating explosion and even ricin attacks. What a week!

4/15/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour! In the vein of civil duty and education, coming together discussing Article Three of the Constitution.

4/8/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Collectivism and the current peacehawk warmongering from Obama and his cronies!

4/1/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Replay from earlier episode below

3/25/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  The abuses of the police state as they trample our liberties join your host Chris as he interviews Evan Nappen, attorney for Shawn Moore of Carney’s Point, N.J.

3/18/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Joe Nobody and Apocalypse Drift on The Preppers Poitin Hour!

3/11/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  We cannot fix stupid; however, we CAN attempt to eradicate it!

3/4/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  The last lines of defense for liberty and jury nullification with special guest  Kirsten Tynan.

2/25/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Guest, Erin Moshier, a mother, farmsteader, and patriot and a lot of good info!

2/18/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!Article One, and continuing with Article Two.

2/11/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Jeffrey Phelps, contends that “martial law” was imposed upon the residents of the northeast.

1/28/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!   Critical Defense Shooting with Amelia Foxwell and friends.

1/21/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!   An examination of the Constitution, specifically Article One!

1/14/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Solutions that allow YOU to act locally to outreach and help others!

1/7/2013 The Preppers Poitin Hour! The increasingly defunct Constitution of the United States.

12/31/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  We have renewed assaults on our guns, liberties, wealth, and our persons. Is 2013 the Year of the Tyrant?

12/17/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Delving into the minds of the sick and the twisted.

12/10/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! A discussion on the Big Brother camera systems and more!

12/3/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! The seemingly growing secession movement in the United States!

11/26/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Tyranny in the Amerikan Police State on “The Preppers Poitin Hour”

11/19/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Because of TECH difficulties with our host this show was a rebroadcast. Amelia Foxwell, the PR rep and recruiter for the Florida Charter Oaks militia and her training coordinator, Darren Willburn join Chris to discuss what they’re all about.

11/12/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!   Veterans’ Day!  Meet Toni VonderHaar, the daughter of one of the first black men to be commissioned in the US Army where he served under Patton in Italy in WWII

11/5/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Post-mortem of the response to Hurricane Sandy. Conclusions and object lessons.

10/29/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! WHEN will people ever learn? look at why people who live in disaster prone areas and in uncertain economic times refuse to get a clue and be at least prepared on a token level.

10/22/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Environmentalism and the threat to liberty!

10/15/2012 The Preppers Poitin Oour! Analyzing the sociological and historical factors that are at play in this nation in light of various crises!

10/8/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Pulpit Freedom Day and its ostensible and actual purposes!

10/1/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!   Wranglerstar, living the homesteading dream!

9/24/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Because of illness with our host, this is a replay of an informative episode originally aired 8/13/2012 Go to date below to listen to this broadcast!

9/17/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! World events, FEMA, Islamist violence, also Chinese and Russians just declared economic war on the US Dollar!

9/10/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! The current and future economic outlook…”Disaster”?

9/3/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Ron Paul- Are you a defender or are you a detractor?

8/27/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! How do you like Facebook? How do you like privacy? Is Facebook the cousin of Big Brother? Listen and find out what you may not know.

8/20/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming of visits with Chris.

8/13/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  What is a sovereign citizen? Additionally, what constitutes are army that is willing to impose tyranny upon its own people? Listen in.

8/6/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Amelia Foxwell, the PR rep and recruiter for the Florida Charter Oaks militia and her training coordinator, Darren Willburn join Chris to discuss what they’re all about.

7/30/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! It’s my right!  I have a right!! We have rights!! “understanding of rights and privileges”

7/23/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  What skills and training should you concentrate on NOW

7/16/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! We call ourselves preppers, but do we have SKILLS? A great show with great participation!

7/9/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Economic signs or tea leaves do you monitor in the course of your prepping?

7/2/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Lifes Emergency.

6/25/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Charity. Normalcy. Respect. Humanity. Are these aspects of your preps?  This is a not miss show.

6/18/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! A replay from previous episode below.

6/11/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Let us look at ways YOU can effect changes.

6/4/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! What is the future of the dollar?  Will the greenback continue to be the overall dominant currency.

5/28/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Memorial day and a tribute to those that have given there lives that we may be free.

5/21/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Part two: The specter of martial and whether we have a legitimate reason to fear our military.

5/14/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! The specter of martial and whether we have a legitimate reason to fear our military.

5/7/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Michael Snyder and Chris discussing his penetrating article that explores the relationship between FEMA and some school boards across the nation.

4/30/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Join me, Chris, as we sit down with the poitin and discuss how OWS could be an emerging threat to preppers and liberty.

4/23/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Todd Sepulvida  of and a wealth of great information!

4/16/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Chris looks at how we let media, political correctness, and our own fears against us in the ongoing social war against prepping and self-reliance.

4/9/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour! Carborendum, of APN fame joins Chris for a great show on the definition of  preppers and the role they play.

4/2/2012 The Preppers Poitin Hour!  Group dynamics in an emergency. Would you allow somebody with different political ideologies, different religious views, or even different sexual orientation to join your group? Also discussion of silver and how every prepper should consider it.

3/26/2012 The Prepper Pointin Hour!   Dictatorial approach to private property, the collapse of the US dollar, silver as an inflation hedge, President Obama’s resource nationalization executive order and the importance of silver in your preps.


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