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Aj’s Prep Talk!

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About: Aj Prepper!


Aj has been using you-tube to spread the word about preparedness. She researches and covers topics such as prepping without support of those around you, prepping with children and prepping on a budget. She will also discuss things like canning, dehydrating and other prepping methods. Everything from camping, guns and knives are open topics. She loves a challenge and will go the extra mile to answer any question, so join her and ask away.

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9/10/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk!   We hope all is well with AJ. This show a rebroadcast with Lynna from The Other Side…A Preppers Path and News Host from PPRN on everything from security to baking bread.

9/3/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk!  Changes prepping has made in you

8/27/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk!  Aj and GoatHollow about his new book and whats in store 14 years from now!

8/20/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk!  Aj visits with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy for a lot of great advice in the medical field if SHTF.

8/13/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk! Aj and the hill billy family with round table prep talk!

8/6/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk! We talked with another seasoned prepper. Mr. Ndcouey from youtube.

7/30/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk! Instead of having a guest, Aj will like to speak to you about some of the things on her mind.

7/23/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk! The Lost Art of Being Prepared.

7/16/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk! Aj and guest prebain, well known in prepping discuss all aspects from newbies, guns and more.

7/9/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk! Aj visits with LowBuckPrepper on general prepping topics, great information.

7/2/2012 Aj’s Prep Talk!  The Premier debut of Aj’s Prep Talk. A lot of fun and great information for newbies and the experienced.

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