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This weeks episode of  In Time of Disaster

9/7/2012 Listen to this last episode of “In Time of Disaster” in player below. Karen has had to take some time off for personal reasons and we all wish her the best and hope to see her back soon.


About “In Time of Disaster”

In Time of Disaster  is about what could happen, and how would you survive in the aftermath of a pandemic or other major global disaster, Covering topics from sheltering in place to surviving and rebuilding society. Your host will cover all aspects of this subject from beginning to end examining the alternatives that may be available to increase your ability to survive.  Listeners with any question are welcome to call in during the show. Remember, no question is stupid especially if it is important to you!




For detailed description of shows and player to listen click on links below!

9/7/2012 In Time of Disaster! Your Bug Out Bag and what you should carry.

8/31/2012 In Time of Disaster! Humanity, or the lack thereof in the aftermath of a major disaster!

8/24/2012 In Time of Disaster! Survival 101… With Jonathon and others from Louisiana School of Bushcraft!

8/17/2012 In Time of Disaster! Getting from point A to point B. Do you have enough supplies, a support system?

8/10/2012 In Time of Disaster! Modes of transportation “In Time of Disaster”

8/3/2012 In Time of Disaster! TSHTF and you are nowhere with a few supplies.

7/27/2012 In Time of Disaster! Open Mic with questions and answers on all things preparedness.

7/20/2012 In Time of Disaster! Shelters, part two!

7/13/2012 In Time of Disaster! Shelters,all kinds and why.

7/6/2012 In Time of Disaster! Coping with Natural Disaster part two.

6/29/2012 In Time of Disaster! Coping with Natural Disasters.

6/22/2012 In Time of Disaster! All about shelters with great questions and comments from callers.

6/15/2012 In Time of Disaster! Barter and Trade when SHTF.

6/8/2012 In Time of Disaster! Communications, such as Amateur radio, GMRS, MURS and even CB.

6/1/2012 In Time of Disaster!  Survival and Hunting weapons wit special guest Kurt, The Armchair Survivalist.

5/25/2012 In Time of Disaster! Post disaster medicine and care with special guests Dr. Bones and nurse Amy.

5/18/2012 In Time of Disaster!  Intelligence means and methods in Time of Disaster!

5/11/2012 In Time of Disaster! Part two-Living off the land. Livestock, the garden and more.

5/4/2012 In Time of Disaster! Part one-Living off the land. Food, water…

4/27/2012 In Time of Disaster! Food, water, and special guest The Armchair Survivalist.

4/21/2012 In Time of Disaster! You’ve made it to your bug out location, are you really safe?

4/13/2012 In Time of Disaster! Nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons on Main Street? Do you worry about your ability to survive these threats? There is a LOT of misconceptions.

4/6/2012 In Time of Disaster!   Planning, building and stocking of a safe place that you or a small group has invested into as a place everyone can escape to after a major or global disaster.

3/30/2012 In Time of Disaster!  Temporary Sheltering. If you have to Bug-out or Bug-in we will discuss all types of over-night shelters

3-23/2012 In Time of Disaster! Topics related to transportation and what would you use if you had to bug out of a disaster area to reach a safe place.

3/16/2012 In Time of Disaster! Go Bag or Bug Out Bag and what equipment and supplies it should contain that will allow you to survive for 3 or more days.

3/9/2012 In Time of Disaster! If a pandemic or other major disaster were to strike, what would you do?  This is the topic with special guest RedHorse_Ronin with extensive knowledge in this area.

3/2/2012 In Time of Disaster! What would happen in our country in the aftermath of a pandemic or other major global disaster, what might occur and what will the effects.


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