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This weeks episode of  “Prepper Folks”

Due to a hectic schedule and personal life the hosts of Prepper Folks have taken some time off. A new show will be coming soon to fill our Saturday slot. Be sure to keep your eye on the show schedule!


 About Prepper Folks

The Prepper Folks are of common folk teaching on common sense traditions of sustainability for the everyday suburban homesteader or the SHTF Survivalists. Topics will include being ready for whatever life brings, being prepared in and out of all seasons. We are just folks, just like you. We see the world around us and grow more conscience of the upheaval of society at an alarming rate. We believe it’s important for every man and woman to be self sufficient and not reliant on government or unions of men.

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The Prepper Folks

The Prepper Chick

Archived shows:

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10/6/2012 The Prepper Folks! Priorities and decision making.

9/29/2012 The Prepper Folks! National Preparedness Month is a wrap. Lawlessness, rioting and government intrusion for starters!

9/22/2012 The Prepper Folks! Cerebral Preparedness – got books? Guides and resources!

9/15/2012 The Prepper Folks! Is your home ready for winter?  A talk on home heating and weatherization.

9/8/2012 The Prepper Folks!  National Preparedness Month. Medication for colder weather, healthy foods and healthy supplements?  Have you had a physical lately?

9/1/2012 The Prepper Folks! Christine, Bill, and Chris discuss Economy, Weather and Food! National Preparedness Month.

8/25/2012 The Prepper Folks! Mr. and Mrs. Real Economic Survival. Joins Christine to discuss what is happening now on the homestead and in the burbs

8/19/2012 The Prepper Folks! This year’s harvest! Prices for food will be higher and what
you should be doing to plan for the winter months.

8/11/2012 The Prepper Folks!  The fourth amendment:  Know your rights!

8/4/2012 The Prepper Folks!  You are being watched.

7/28/2012 The Prepper Folks! “Real Economics” for the “Average Joe & Jane”

7/21/2012 The Prepper Folks!  What do zombies have to do with prepping?

7/14/2012 The Prepper Folks!  Adeptus Paratus, which is Latin for “get prepared”. He was previously featured on NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers and joins Christine for some good prep talk.

7/7/1012 The Prepper Folks! Mr Real joins the host with other callers for a round table talk on prepping.

6/30/2012 The Prepper Folks! Real Economic Survival.

6/23/2012 The Prepper Folks! Preparing for no power, electricity and other tips.

6/16/2012 Prepper Folks! Great tips for newbies and experienced preppers and organization!

 6/9/2012 Prepper Folks! The Prepper Folks first show a home run with special guest prepper, and author of  “Survive The Coming Storm” By Ray Gano.


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