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This week on  “Friday Night with Prepper Broadcasting” 2/23/2012


We have some great tips for you tonight on how to stay a young prepper and live while you are alive. This is only part of it. We have also added a new host to our line up we would like you to meet. This preppers education and training in disaster services began at the age of 17 when hurricane Camille struck the Mississippi gulf coast on August 19, 1969, has also worked almost every natural and man-made disaster in Southeast Louisiana up to Katrina in August 29, 2005. For over 37 years this person has worked with the old Civil Defense under the Department of Defense as a rescue, survival and communications instructor, and later with Emergency Management and other disaster relief organizations. Currently,  the director of Emergency Management for a small community in the west. Who is this person? Join us for an interesting show and see why we have some of the best prepper hosts on internet radio.



About “Friday Night with Prepper Broadcasting”

Anything goes on “Friday Night”. Interviews, current affairs, and what’s new in the prepper community will all be discussed. While most shows may be suitable for all audiences, this program will be rated for mature audiences only. A down and dirty, the way it is broadcast where any and all listeners are welcome to call in and really say what’s on their mind.


2/24/2012 Friday Night with Prepper Broadcasting! 10 steps on how to stay a young prepper and the introduction of our new host “Karen” with In Time of Disaster!

2/17/2012 Friday Night with Prepper Broadcasting! RedHorse_Ronin joins gman Topics include emergency response from the National Guard/Military and Emergency Mgmt Agency perspectives

2/10/2012 Friday Night with Prepper Broadcasting! Impromptu prepper talk with dbcox, themom, redhorse and watcher. An excellent show covering many aspects of prepping.

2/2/2012 Friday Night with Prepper Broadcasting! Bugging in or Bugging out and just a bit of humor.

1/27/2012 Friday Night with Prepper Broadcasting! Guest Hope “Desert Dweller” How to make money on the side…internet!


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