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On this episode of  “Common Sense Prepping”  2/15/2013

We can easily get distracted with all of the things going on in the world today.  Deb and Dale are going to get back to the basics and talk about good old common sense prepping. There are many things to worry about and only so much we can do regardless of – if you fear a super-earthquake, volcano eruption, economic collapse, war, or an EMP attack. 

We will start out with a “Stupid but True News Stories” segment, followed with a discussion about where all the good old common sense has got up and gone these days? Don’t miss this segment of the show as it will be quiet informative.

Tonight, have a pen and paper in hand because we will share an itemized list of necessary preps to have on hand.  Food Storage will be discussed deeply, but it takes more than food to survive. Preppers – Prep—that’s what we do!  To some this may seem like our darkest hour, but as a Prepping Community, we will stand together and keep a level head. Come and talk and share your ideas together with fellow like-minded people. Together we will come up with answers.



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It Ain’t Over Til Its Over!

In today’s hectic society, we just never know from one day to the next what can impact our lives. There are some things such as natural disasters and accidents which can come upon us all of a sudden and we are for a loss at what to do and where to turn–unless we are Preppers.

The word Preppers, is a modern name for common sense people who always plan for the unexpected.  They do not use fear as a motivator but use the desire to be independent and self reliant no matter what befalls them, to learn new techniques and strategies for survival. Come join Deb as she discusses ways to stay calm within any situation. Together we can help each other help ourselves, and keep close to our heart those things that are really important like God, Family, and Country.


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10/26/2012 Common Sense Prepping! A special guest on ballistics operations and training

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10/6/2012 Common Sense Prepping!  What if we are hit with a Plague?

9/28/2012 Common Sense Prepping! Common sense ways we can prepare now. Simple ideas to get us on the road and stay on the road while we have the chance.

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9/14/2012 Common Sense Prepping!   This debut of Common Sense Prepping the guests will be SouthernBelle and a few of Debs’ students, who will discuss how preparation has given them a calm heart in fearful times.


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