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Nancy Nurse is not a Medical Doctor. She recommends discussing all issues or concerns with your “personal physician”


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On this episode of “Band Aids and Bandages” 2/22/2013

medical symbalLet’s Talk: Part 1 Communicable diseases and conditions caused by the lack of hygiene, sanitation and poor living conditions.

Over thousands of years poor living conditions, sanitation and lack of hygiene has caused some of the most devastating wide spread diseases and deaths in the history of mankind. Just think about Hepatitis A, Giardia, Cholera, Dysentery, food poisoning (Salmonella and E. coli), lice, and scabies. What causes the start and spread of the disease? What are the signs of an outbreak?  How to care for infected family or friends? What can you do to stop the communicability of a disease? How to prevent potential diseases? What homeopathic methods can we incorporate into our care?

Come join us in an open discussion as we talk through these questions and more.  Is topic is jammed full of information. So we will break the topic into two consecutive Fridays.


About: Band Aids and Bandages!

with Nancy Nurse!

Nancy Nurse has 3O years of experience caring for patients in various medical settings as a first line provider, educator and manager.  She has spent years caring for patients in urban ER’s, urgent care facilities and medical offices.  She has made a commitment to share her experiences and expertise with fellow peppers.  Nancy will actively provide an open discussion among preppers on medical care for potential SHTF situations.  Her philosophy is being prepared can save lives.  Nancy’s goal is to simplify care of diseases, care of trauma injuries and specifically focus on prevention.  Nancy discusses using simple household equipment in caring for patients and loved ones.

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 2/22/2013 Band Aids and Bandages! Part 1 Communicable diseases and conditions caused by the lack of hygiene, sanitation and poor living conditions.

2/8/2013 Band Aids and Bandages! The Premier of Band Aids and Bandages! with “Nancy Nurse” Nancy will share her families medical supply list.  Each family’s medical needs are unique. So let’s talk and share our medical preparation needs.


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