Best Non lethal EDC items

Best Non lethal EDC items

February 7, 2018 Self Defense Weapons 0

Best Non lethal EDC items

Best Non lethal EDC itemsWhen selecting a weapon for non-lethal self-defense, there are several essentials to keep in mind.

First, the weapon should be easy to carry on your person, located in a place that’s not too visible but not too hard to reach, either. Second, it shouldn’t be complicated to use since most of us don’t have time to go to a training session or five when we just want to protect ourselves. Third, but very importantly, it must be legal to carry and use. You don’t want to have to get in trouble for defending yourself. And last but not least, it should be effective. Nobody wants to live a scene from a horror movie where the protagonist thinks the attacker is down only to be chased or assaulted again.

Almost anything can be used like a weapon in desperate situations, but many of those weapons can very well be lethal, even ones that are usually considered non-lethal. For the purpose of purchase and legal use, the non-lethal weapons listed below are called and sold as such, but remember that too many punches, pen stabs, or rocks to the head or face can cause permanent injury or death.

Tasers and Stun Guns

In most states, these non-lethal weapons are permitted, but as some places don’t allow them or require you to have a license for ownership, it can be good to check first.

Pros: Taser and/or stun guns are highly effective non-lethal weapons that can easily subdue an assailant without causing serious injury. The electric shock carried within the weapon temporarily makes the brain to misfire, often resulting in a short span of incapacitation or unconsciousness. Where a Taser shoots probes charged with electricity, so the potential assailant can’t even get close, stun guns must be use when in immediate contact.

Cons: The pro is also a con with stun guns, since having to be within arm’s length in order to use the weapon means a higher chance something will go wrong. Tasers and stun guns, being run on the use of electrical charges, may run low on power and become less or even non-effective if used too much. Many people who are drunk or on drugs may not process the electricity, and therefore deplete the supply of the Taser or stun gun as it has to be used repeatedly.

Pepper Spray and Tear Gas

Also known as Mace, which is actually a brand name, tear gas or pepper spray can be used effectively when shot directly into a mucus membrane such as eyes, nose, or mouth as the ingredients cause a powerful stinging and burning sensation wherever it makes contact. In some places, however, you must own the proper license to have pepper spray and/or tear gas, so again it’s good to check first.

Pros: Temporarily taking out a would-be attacker’s sight is a great way to give yourself a chance to run or even break free since a sudden sensory deprivation is disorientating.

Cons: In the event of an attacker wearing a mask, glasses, or other apparel that securely covers the face, pepper spray and tear gas are essentially useless.

There are many other non-lethal weapons, like a baton or tactical pen, but they too have pros and cons – bulkiness unless collapsible, and necessary in close quarters, respectively. Many everyday items can be used for self-defense as well, such as a briefcase, purse, or key, but keep in mind that to use you must be close to the attacker. Strobe flashlights can work, but mainly for surprise unless you’re close enough to use it as a weapon.

Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for High Tech Safety. He regularly writes for survivalist and prepper blogs.


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