September 16, 2021


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Rogues Guide to Preparedness

Rogue’s Guide to Preparedness with Morgan

Friday: 9:00 pm/Est. 8:00 pm/Ct. 6:00pm/Pt.

About Rogue’s Guide to Preparedness

Join Morgan every Friday at 8pm CST as she dives deep into everyday preparedness tips, advice and real talk. She will have the occasional guest on to talk about even more specific topics that maybe preppers are overlooking. She wants everyone to be prepared, no matter their budget, location, race, religion or anything else. Her goal is to help anyone and everyone at any level of their preparedness; learning never ends. Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!

Bio: Morgan resides in TX as a wife, mother and preparedness advocate. She’s been teaching preparedness for about 10 years with a specialty in modern, everyday preparedness.
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