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This week: “Reality Check”  8/4/17

“OPSEC and how your crumbs can add up to Cake”

In this show we will be discussing Operations Security or OPSEC. I’ll explain why OPSEC is important and what you can do to protect yourself and reduce your risks and vulnerabilities. You will see how you are leaving crumbs that can add up to a cake and lastly I’ll detail how to:

• Identify YOUR Critical Information. Critical Info is the core secrets of an activity, capability, or intention that if known to the adversary, could weaken or defeat the operation
• Analyze YOUR Threats. What can go wrong? What enemies might you have? Who could be a threat to you? Neighbors, Foreign Governments, Friends, or Family?
• Analyze YOUR Vulnerabilities and Risks. What do you do when a tornado or hurricane takes out your house and preps? What do you do if an angry mob fire bombs your house? What if terrorist breach the local dam or poison the water supply? What if cyber-terrorism takes out your bank and the EBT system?
• Employ appropriate Protective Measures or in my business ‘compensating controls’ Well first is you need to look at your unique situation. We must look at ourselves as the adversary would. If I were a bad guy and I wanted to get at my stuff how would I do it.

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        About: Reality Check

Reality Check with Micheal Kline is a meat and potatoes kind of show. Each week we will tackle tough subjects that people will likely deal with during a major event. This show is not about making sure you have a food or water source or that you bought that cute little radio. We will be talking about advanced subjects and topics that are not always covered in other mainstream preparedness shows. Some show content might not be for everyone, but these will be topics and subjects that everyone is going to experience at some point in life.

Host Bio:

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Micheal Kline and I began my prepping journey with Y2K. I have a background in commercial two-way radio communications, antennas, RF, and the like; telecommunications and the telephone infrastructure, cyber-security and the dark art of hacking; computer and network system administration, and general prepping experience. I have worked with Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, and various local and state government agencies. I have experience with Disaster Response, Damage Assessment, Communications Security (COMSEC), and Operations Security (OPSEC). I am not a subject matter expert and do not claim to have all the answers, but I did stay at an Express hotel last night.

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Disclaimer… The content contained in these shows has been compiled from publicly available sources. If something that I cover is verboten, blame the search engines, not me. By listening to my show you agree that I am not responsible for anything you say or do as a result from any ideas that you glean from this show. I am not a professional at any of this and do not claim to be. Topics discussed are hypothetical and should be only used as fodder to generate ideas. Everyone is strongly encouraged to do their own research on topics and ideas discussed and come to your on conclusion, your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, rebates cannot be combined, and consult your doctor if symptoms persist. That being said lets ride.