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This Tuesday: “The Ray Becker Show”  8/22/17

This week on the Ray Becker Show…

Stores of Value

In the first segment I am going to cover the equities markets, metals, the dollar, Shanghai metal prices, BDI, VIX…All of the Indicators that we’ve been following. I believe that it is critical for us to closely monitor all activity at the beginning of the production chain.

In the 2nd segment, I am going to be covering all of the economic news items from the past week.

This week, I will be discussing Stores of Value. Paper money has absolutely no Value. Paper money is an instrument of Debt. Paper currency is backed by nothing. Tonight I want to dive deep into Gold, Silver, Bullets and Beans. We have some time left. How much? Nobody really knows, but I want you to look at the glass half full.

We have time to convert our paper into a myriad of physical Stores of Value. Now each person will have differing Values. Some may not have extra paper notes but perhaps, they have canning equipment and supplies. Or maybe they have a reloader with plenty of powder, primers and brass. Most of us could do without some type of activity like going to the bar or playing in a Fantasy League and use that money for things like Silver and long term food.

I will cover as much as possible as it relates to Stores of Value. We must begin the process of adapting to a Barter economy. In a Barter economy, many items will have Value and what you receive in exchange may have value at the time you’ve acquired it or it will most likely have value after a prolonged Depression.

Tomorrow night, right here on prepperbroadcasting.com is the I Am Liberty Show with James Walton. His show begins at 9pm est. This coming Friday night at 9pm est is Reality Check with Michael Kline.

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Ray Becker show will be focused primarily on the economy and how we could, as a community, look for clues and sign posts that may signal when major changes are about to happen. It has been in the past and will always be my position that we are facing an Epic Global Economic Depression. We will also cover topics that delve into Preparedness such as Cash, Gold & Silver, Solar Generators, Water Filtration, Long term food storage, OPSEC or Operational Security, Emergency Communications and a number of other areas that all of us need to address.

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