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This Tuesday: “The Ray Becker Show”  6/27/17

Storable Food

In the first segment, I will go over some news items along with some current economic trends and economic indicators.

On tonights show, I will have a guest with me: Stephanie from Harvest Right. We are going to cover Freeze Drying food for long term storage. Along with freeze drying, I will address other methods of storing your food.

Long term storage could be accomplished by Freeze Drying, canning and dehydration. As a basic rule, you will want to have enough food to last for about 6 months. This will allow you enough time to plant, grow and harvest your own food from your crisis garden. It will be important for you to have a survival seed vault of non GMO seeds.

If you can afford, there are plenty of suppliers of dehydrated food with a shelf life of about 25 years on average. Some of the supplies that you will need will be a Harvest Right freeze dryer, pressure cooker, mason jars, five gallon pails, heavy duty mylar bags, bay leaves, etc.


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Guest Alert…Popeye from Down The Rabbit Hole will join me, Tues night Aug 8, 2017 at 9PM. We’ll discuss JFK, Federal Reserve and other items!

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Ray Becker show will be focused primarily on the economy and how we could, as a community, look for clues and sign posts that may signal when major changes are about to happen. It has been in the past and will always be my position that we are facing an Epic Global Economic Depression. We will also cover topics that delve into Preparedness such as Cash, Gold & Silver, Solar Generators, Water Filtration, Long term food storage, OPSEC or Operational Security, Emergency Communications and a number of other areas that all of us need to address.

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