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This Saturday: “Prepping Up with the Jones”  6/16/18

Prepping up in Ohio!

Hello all you great fans! I am very sorry I could not be on the internet air last week but it was unavoidable. I hope to make it up to you this week! I have a show from the Ohio Prepper Show in Bowling Green Ohio. This week we will talk to the founder of the show and longtime Prepper Nick Getzinger. He will talk about this amazing show and his Prepper Business. Nick will also tell you about the Ohio Oath Keepers and what that organization does in support of the community. If you don’t already know the Oath Keepers are a great organization for the community. This show was a Prepper show, gun show, Monster Truck race and fireworks display!

We will also talk with a very pretty lady Kattie Watts about Osprey Global maker of great optics at affordable prices. They make all kinds of scopes, sights, range finders and binoculars that are high quality but NOT high priced. Tune in to this show to get a VERY special show deal only for our listeners. Call Kattie at 859-684-3620 for the show special 10% off anything and FREE shipping.
I will also have a very special announcement at the end of this show so please tune in.

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This is a Prepping show like no other! Dave Jones the NBC Guy (Nuclear Biological Chemical) will educate and entertain you with fun facts about all things Prepping, not just NBC. He guarantees you will learn something new every week and have fun doing it. A recognized expert in NBC for the US Army, Dave lives for your questions so join in every week and ask him the things you cannot seem to get an answer for from any other place. Prepping Up with the Jones’ has interviews with other top experts in the Prepper field and tackles the hardest Prepper problems. Dave also teaches a Small Group Tactical Movement class for after when SHTF and he will take suggestions for future show. Don’t miss a week or you will just be hearing about what happened the next day from your Prepper buddies.

David covers Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare in detail talking about practical steps every Prepper can take to protect themselves and their family from this very real threat. He talks from a background of firsthand information with funny stories that illustrate his points. If you have ever wondered about the effects of an NBC attack in your area you need to tune in to this broadcast each week.

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