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This Saturday: “Prepping Up with the Jones”  4/28/18

Emergency Procedures during travel

This week we talk about what to do in in different types of emergencies when you are travelling. Let’s face it, most Prepper are ready if they are at home with all their gear but what should you do when your away? What to do in extreme situations if you only have moments to save yourself or a loved one. Things like, how do you escape from a trunk of a car if you are kidnapped? What is the best way to survive a plane crash, stop a runaway train, survive a sandstorm or even how to pass a bribe if you had to. Simple things that could come in handy if you are ever caught in a situation that is outside of the norm. This show could save your life!

I will also have Danny Santana back from Biolite with a great deal on all the Biolite Products. Then in May I will travel to the Tiny Home Expo in Fredrick Maryland to talk to a tiny home builder, Roger Lehet. Roger has a company that builds tiny homes on trailers so you can bring them easily to your bugout location and be ready to go in minutes. Roger is also an inventor of a tiny wood stove that puts out a bunch of heat for your tiny home, we will also talk about that. Don’t miss this important show and don’t forget to log into the chat room on PBN because Dave will have something special for everyone logged in that night.

I am very sorry that he could not have a show last week but I did not want to take anything away from my little girls last Father Daughter dance. The show would have also suffered because I would have been very distracted and hurrying to get home after the dance. Both D’Anna and my audience would have suffered, so the choice was easy for me, she come first! I am sure you understand.


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This is a Prepping show like no other! Dave Jones the NBC Guy (Nuclear Biological Chemical) will educate and entertain you with fun facts about all things Prepping, not just NBC. He guarantees you will learn something new every week and have fun doing it. A recognized expert in NBC for the US Army, Dave lives for your questions so join in every week and ask him the things you cannot seem to get an answer for from any other place. Prepping Up with the Jones’ has interviews with other top experts in the Prepper field and tackles the hardest Prepper problems. Dave also teaches a Small Group Tactical Movement class for after when SHTF and he will take suggestions for future show. Don’t miss a week or you will just be hearing about what happened the next day from your Prepper buddies.

David covers Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare in detail talking about practical steps every Prepper can take to protect themselves and their family from this very real threat. He talks from a background of firsthand information with funny stories that illustrate his points. If you have ever wondered about the effects of an NBC attack in your area you need to tune in to this broadcast each week.

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