The Peterson Garden Project!

The Peterson Garden Project!

May 7, 2014 Community Involvment Gardening 0

The Peterson Garden Project!
Host: Mike Podlesny “Mike The Gardener

Mike The Gardener 400x3003-27 IMG_17Mike chats with Lamanda Joy the founder of the Peterson Garden Project. Located in Chicago, IL, the Peterson Garden Project is a not-for-profit organization looking to inspire everyone they meet to grow their own food and community. However, as you will find out in this episode, Lamanda took her own love of gardening and her life experiences, and used those skills to create a robust, community-focused gardening project that is so much more than growing veggies.

Peterson Mike GardenaboutIn this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

History of the Peterson Garden Project
The size of the Peterson Garden Project
The amount of food produced at the Peterson Garden Project
Community Gardening in General
Neat tips and tricks of the Peterson Garden Project
The Peterson Garden Project expansion into helpful classes and orientations
A behind the scenes look at Lamanda’s own home garden

About this week’s Guest, Lamanda Joy and the Peterson Garden Project:

It’s true that most people today don’t know how to grow food, but it’s a challenge we’ve met before. During WWII Chicagoans started 1,500 commnunity gardens, known as Victory Gardens. And more than 250,000 people started home gardens, too. They did it all in four short years, and 90% of the people had never gardened before. We just know that there is a better way to eat, a better way to garden, and a better way to sustain our natural resources. Have we piqued your curiosity? Tempted you with thoughts of mouth-watering food and connections to your neighbors and community? We certainly hope so. Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and garden, volunteer, donate or learn, we’d just love to show you what we’re doing and why we think you’ll love it, too.

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