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Preparing to Provide125MHPFor this week’s show on Preparing to Provide, I am going to have somewhat of an open format. Unlike shows in the past where I have had guests or a designated topic, I am going to cover a broad range of questions that I receive in response to my YouTube videos. They may be related to gardening, hydroponics, or life in general. Many times, the answers are too complicated for a 2 or 3 sentence response. Some of the questions for this week: Am I concerned about the commercial fertilizers that I use in regard to how they affect me or the environment? How do I feel about the amount of plastics that I use in my hydroponics setups? How did I build my greenhouse? What is the best advice I’ve ever received? Where do I get square buckets?

But I don’t want this show to be solely about me. This is an hour in my schedule that I have set aside to make myself available to anyone who would like to talk to me, regardless of what the topic is. So feel free to call in with your questions, comments, or suggestions at 347-202-0228, and be sure to press 1. I’d like to hear what you’re up to.
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6 thoughts on “Gardening, Questions & Answers with MHPgardener

  1. Hello my friend, I am starting in my yard a small hydroponic for tomatos.
    When you use 4 18 38 then your add calcium nitrate and Epson salts.
    for a 40 litre oo 10 an half reservoir how much 4 18 38 in grms
    and how much calcium nitrate and how much epson salts?
    Thanking you very much. I live in a suburn of Sydney Australia call Cherrybrook. i can get dry ingredient here so I am importing the from the USA.

  2. Hi , i would like to do the bucket hydroponics, but my main problem is how to get the nutrients you use in the system you built.
    Can you do me a favor an give me a tip of how to make one for tomatoes.
    Am a Kenyan living in the coast in Mombasa.

    Please can you do me a favor of getting your email, i have more questions to ask on farming.
    Thank you Mr. MHP, you’re doing a good job.

    1. You may want to contact Ryan Buford, host of The Next Generation. He operates a small scale aquaponics system. From my own research it looks like a change every 2 weeks is the way to go.

  3. I was wondering if there is a difference in taste, size, quality, or any other difference between growing in soil or simply in nutrient filled water? I asked Leon in Texas and he did not think there was any difference of any kind but thought I should ask MHP Gardner in Virginia. Leon as I are curious to hear your answer.
    Bruce Reeves
    Genoa, Nevada

    1. Hey Bruce,

      The MHP Gardener is not with us anymore. Sorry. That said, I have seen plants do amazing things in terms of size when soil is optimized. Also, soil can be naturally optimized through amendments and microbiology. I have seen tomatoes grow like trees in great soil!

      Now I dont have much experience with growing in nutrient filled water but I just believe in the microbiology of soil so that is my take. I can show you pics of my father in laws massive plants if you would like. He has mastered his soil and it shows.

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