Prepper Burn Out & Focus

Prepper Burn Out & Focus

December 27, 2014 Mind Set Prepper Mentality Preppers 0

Prepper Burn Out & Focus
Originally Titled “Avoiding Prepper Burn Out”
Host: Jack Spirko “The Survival Podcast”

Burn OutI have received a ton of comments and emails lately with the term “prepper burn out”, used in them.   The reality is much of this is seasonal, I am now going into my fourth Christmas season producing this show and I can tell you, “burn out” for many is part of the good old fashioned “winter blues”.  Hell the shorter days, cold nights and dampness make you down enough, thinking about the threats out there sure as hell doesn’t make things any brighter.

Yet the issue is real, it is also why I spend a ton of time on subjects such as gardening, permaculture, health, cooking, etc.  Some criticize me for this, stating stupid nonsense such as “today I REALLY prepared unlike yourself”.  Such fools probably think listening to some shock jock ramble on about the new world order while cleaning a gun they never fired is “really prepping”.

So today I am going to go over some of my favorite positive aspects of prepping and how they can be done for little to no money.  Because I believe this is another cause of “burn out”, a person preps to a level they financially can, they know what else they should do but can’t do it now due to fiscal reasons.  Being reminded about the hole in their energy redundancy doesn’t really help them on a daily basis.

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Join me today to discuss…

  • Why people burn out
    • Expense
    • Seasonal issues
    • Lack of focus on the positive
    • Fear (the awakened know where they are weakest)
    • Lack of community
    • Making stupid and expensive decisions early on
  • Fast cheap crisis prepping to avoid fear
    • Beans, rice, flour, wheat and some hand warmers on clearance
    • Black out kit
    • Bug out kit and documentation package
    • Copy canning (especially for meat early on)
    • One small generator, two batteries and an inverter
    • 25 gallons of stabilized gasoline
    • One small window unit AC
    • One or two portable indoor safe heaters
    • Cache some of your extra “junk”
  • The aspects I prefer to focus on daily
    • Permaculture and gardening
    • Skill set improvement
    • Cooking (yes it is a survival skill)
    • Herbology
    • Foraging
    • Scrounging
    • Community building
    • Air gun and soft air shooting (cheap/free)
    • Functional fitness (take a walk)
    • Building a business
    • Increasing knowledge
    • Finding joy in your life

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