Plant Medicine for Environmental Injuries & Post-Disaster

Plant Medicine for Environmental Injuries and Post-Disaster Scenarios
Host: Sam Coffman “The Herbal Medic

InjuriesAnkle Wrap600x450These past few weeks there have been numerous articles, blogposts, podcasts, etc., regarding the Ebola virus in the news.  This is of course a very serious concern.  However, I do not think it will be a concern in the USA.  I would be far more concerned with virus mutations that have shown their ability to thrive in the North American temperate climate rather than a deadly strain of a virus that originated in the dark regions of the Congo and has never been transmitted that we know of, on US soil.  This is not to say that we shouldn’t be prepared for something like Ebola, and last week I covered many herbs that I would use to deal with this virus.  However, I think one week is enough time spent on this subject, even though it is the “panic topic of the moment” for a lot of people

This week, I would like to turn my attention to far more common illnesses and injuries that we would encounter in a post-disaster or remote environment in the USA.  These are also illnesses and injuries that we are faced with every day of the week if we are outdoors, hike, camp or even drive on vacation.  They are also injuries and illnesses that are far more likely to occur during a bugout or bugin situation during a time when there may not be any power, limited food, limited water and most of all:  Limited health care.

Join me tonight as I address environmental issues such as:

    • InjuriesDSC_0049Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
    • Heat and Cold Injuries
    • The mental aspects of shock
    • Altitude Mountain Sickness, HAPE and HACE
    • Top foraging plants for wild nutrition (eating on the go or from the woods or parks in your area)
    • Staying healthy even with limited calories

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