Mike Ritland and dog behavior!

Mike Ritland and dog behavior!

September 10, 2013 Preppers 0

Trident WarriorsMike Ritland discussing dog behavior is on this edition of Pet Prep Radio Show with Sheri The Organic Pet Lady. Mike and I have another terrific conversation to talk about dogs. We discuss the topic aggressive dogs, behavior, genetic behavior, breed specific legislation and why that is a bad idea. We try to dispel some of the myths surrounding these ideas and bring some really good information to the masses to understand dog behavior. We will also learn more about his Sanctuary for Retired Military K9’s that he has founded, known as The Warrior Dog Foundation, a non-profit Special Operations K9 retirement foundation.

Mike Ritland is the Head Trainer from Trikos International, who has trained hundreds of working dogs and specializes in protection dog training, military dog training, police dog training, and guard dog training. With over 15 years experience in importing, breeding, raising, and training multiple breeds of working dogs, Mike Ritland uses a Positive Reinforcement approach to his training and is soon to release a book that will reflect his methods for both the layperson and the professional.

Mike RitlandPrior to founding Trikos International, Mike Ritland was a multipurpose K9 trainer for U.S. Navy SEAL Teams. He served 12 years active duty as a U.S. Navy SEAL and is a disabled combat veteran. Mike is also the Author of the book, “Trident K9 Warriors” that you can find on Amazon.com. He is also a dedicated Wounded Warrior Advocate and was a recent guest on 60 Minutes.

We are honored to have Mike Ritland as a guest and a returning guest on The Pet Prep Radio Show. Bookmark this show for anytime listening share with your friends and family. Sheri says, “Get Prepared and Stay Prepared!”
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