Legislators should consider the thoughts and belief of those who are living and working in the trenches of violence.

Legislators should consider the thoughts and belief of those who are living and working in the trenches of violence.

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Knee-jerk reaction to tragedy occurs as regular as clockwork, upon this we can depend. Now after terrorizing rhetoric and posturing a new tack appears regarding the heated topic of gun control. 

Today mainstream news agencies tout the clout of some victims’ families and their emotional plea to Congress to ACT.  It’s not the fact survivors of the victims of tragedy came forward with their thoughts and beliefs. Definitely, they or anyone should express their views and concerns to those we entrust with authority to govern. In fact this is how it’s supposed to work, we communicate our desires and our elected officials are supposed to do our majority bidding. At least that’s the premises.

The rub today, granted perhaps full disclosure would illuminate the facts differently but these people were flown at taxpayer expense from Connecticut to Capitol Hill.  Really? Is that a fact? Did those who want Gun Control use taxpayer monies to foster an environment of sympathy and high emotion to elicit an action? According to news stories the citizens speaking out were and I quote “The vote came after three days of quiet, emotional lobbying that began with a flight from Connecticut to Washington on Air Force One. They had attended Obama’s emotional speech in Hartford, Conn., where he pleaded with Americans to urge Congress to debate and vote on new gun laws. The fact people spoke out is just, this is not the issue.  The continued blatant use and manipulation continue to be revolting.  Yes, steps to reduce VIOLENCE in the United States must be taken BUT must be done so thoughtfully with honest assessment factoring in repercussion to societal goals. The fact in the United States, we foster an extremely violent culture from birth to death, and we must look for and address remedies to this violent accepted behavior.  Gun restriction is not the answer, nor is blaming mental incapacitation or several other shortsighted claims.

Gu Show Properly maintained gunIn March, an extensive survey of law enforcement men and women revealed the thoughts of 15,000 verified law officers.  The topic gun control, perhaps our legislators should take into consideration the thoughts and belief of those who are living and working in the trenches of violence. It’s not a tear jerking sympathy soaked appeal for action but honest response of 15,000 citizens. Here is the link http://www.policeone.com/Gun-Legislation-Law-Enforcement/articles/6183787-PoliceOnes-Gun-Control-Survey-11-key-lessons-from-officers-perspectives/ take a look you just might be surprised.

Citizens, DO stand up, voice your concerns, desires and needs and demand that those we entrust to govern us listen.  Demand they be forthright, honest and open to moving our beloved country into a climate of peace through preparedness.  Demand they stop the manipulation and knee-jerk grandstanding and replace it with thought provoking discussion and cooperation.  Demand that we all receive equal opportunity to address our lawmakers, stop the shameless use of funds designated for fairness and equality being used to grandstand one sides platform.  We must Unite and make our VOICE heard.

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