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How private is your life? In the news recently we’ve all learned that our lives are becoming much less private! Our phone records are being recorded. Our online lives are being tabulated, collected and filed away in huge government data centers. You may feel as if you’ve done nothing wrong, so why worry.

What if a terrorist dials the wrong number and it happens to be yours? You’ve suddenly become a target. Everything you’ve done online, every cell phone call you’ve ever made will be pulled from OnlinePrivacy277x210this government “Cloud”… Scrutinized, looked at, e-mails read, calls listened to. Could you become a target? AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Paltalk, Skype, Yahoo, and YouTube, have already admitted to handing your information over to government agents without so much as questioning the constitutionality of the governments orders!

If you are a fan of YouTube, I’ll have a guest on GoatHollow this week that may be of interest to you! Zippcast is back, and better than ever!!! Louis Gualtieri will be my guest. We’ll talk about how Zippcast can be an alternative for you. How they will protect your privacy better than the big companies, and changes that they’ve made to better serve their customers! 8:00 Central time, this Wednesday!
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