Heat, Protests, Korea, and Ebola!
Mathew Gillman “The Collapse Experiment

Heat 150819201115-hottest-month-large-169This week on the Collapse Experiment podcast I discuss this July becoming the hottest ever on record. Last week I reported the record temperatures set in Iran and other parts of the middle east. Temperatures started to be officially recorded in 1880 and in the last fifteen years we have seen some of the hottest ever recorded.

Heat indexProtest in St. Louis erupted after the police shooting of a 18 year old protestor carrying a stolen pistol. Looting and building have been burned down in response to the shooting increasing tensions between police and protestors. The young man was shot after pulling the gun on a rival gang. Plain clothed police officers shot the young man from a mini van after seeing the altercation start. The protest are the result of false claims that the young man was unarmed at the time of the shooting even though video clearly shows him holding a pistol at the time.

Heat north-korean-nuclear-program-rocket-testSouth Korea evacuates their border region after rockets were launched by North Korea into the area. This comes after the execution of several officials in the north. The latest official executed was the negotiator between the north and south.

Muslim officials in several countries are calling for the cut back of carbon emissions in order to fight climate change. The push for this religious policy comes from countries like Malaysia with a majority of Muslim followers and seeing the effects of climate change in the pacific country.

In an update about Ebola Sierra Leone now reports zero new cases of the virus in their country since the initial outbreak that started last year. This is a good sign after last weeks report where new cases were still common. All of this and more this Saturday on the Collapse Experiment podcast.
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