GoatHollow and “The Surreal News” Wednesday 7/3/2013

GoatHollow and “The Surreal News” Wednesday 7/3/2013

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Sureal News 160x120goat hollow 120Are you yearning for the real news? The stories that “They” don’t want you to see? Join GoatHollow and The Surreal News for up to date reporting of the stuff that “They” bury on page 64… The true facts about where our world is heading. Non biased reporting, commentary, and an occasional interview, about what’s really happening!!! You’re about to enter another world… The world of Surreal News!!!

Doug, also know as Goat hollow on Youtube, says that he’s been “Prepping” for most of his life. He caught the sustainability bug in the mid 1970′s with his first “Mother Earth News” subscription, and it just stuck.
Always with great prepping ideas, great guests, and great conversations… He says his philosophy is to share, and learn. Join him every Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. central time.

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