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The Herbal Prepper Live

Host: Cat Ellis

Sundays: 7:00pm/Eastern  4:00pm/Pacific

6-6-16 Herbal Prepper Live Solid

What would you do if suddenly there were no pharmacy available? Do you simply prefer a natural approach to health care? Join herbalist and preparedness author, Cat Ellis, every Sunday evening for Herbal Prepper Live. Cat’s on a mission to empower as many people to take an active role in their own health care and their own health choices.

Our modern health system is just one part of a fragile network of systems. You need a back up plan in case a hospital reaches surge capacity during an epidemic or major natural disaster. You need a back up plan in case your pharmacy shelves run bare if supply lines dry up. Cat shares her experience in holistic health care to help you and your family be better prepared for any disaster.

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The Prepping Academy

Host: Forrest and Kyle

Mondays: 9:00pm/Eastern  6:00pm/Pacific

Prepping Academy Radio Show is a live broadcast where we discuss all things prepping, survival and self-reliance. Our Goal at The Prepping Academy Radio Show is to expand your thinking & motivate you to take action – because it’s time that we get prepared.

The central focus of our online academy is a set of guided courses that takes you from a state of being totally unprepared to the the ultimate goal of not having to depend on any store, any government, or any grid. The Prepping Academy is built upon core prepping principles. Through the academy you will learn how to adapt the training we provide to your unique situation.

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Ray Becker Show

Host: Ray Becker

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 9:00pm/Eastern  6:00pm/Pacific

Renaissance Man replaced the YouTube channel 92Scalloped. My name is Ray and I am Ex-Military; U.S. Navy. I have been in the prep community since the very beginning. It has taken some time for me to purchase many books and to do some very deep research. This Nation began as a Constitutional Republic and has seriously devolved into an almost Facsist Oligarchy.

In Politics, nothing happens by chance, however, it is planned. I do believe in my Soul that there is a hidden hand that dictates policy and global circumstances. Knowing all of this has led me back to a much simpler and peaceful condition and that is “There are only a few things I actually Control”. This will be my main focus as I try to reach as many people as possible.

Everyday Patriots and good citizens may not have the time to do the research or to read books and study. This is understandable because we all live within an engineered economy that is geared to lower our wages and destroy any savings. People are working multiple jobs or raising children and even taking care of loved ones who cannot live on their own. I feel Called and Compelled to break things down in an easy to understand way so that people can at least acquire some knowledge.

Knowledge is True Power and a Patriotic, Law Abiding American with red blood and a good Soul is never to be defeated. Join with me as we spend a little quality time, using our moral compass and our ability to see right from wrong and together, we can Hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst.

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 I Am Liberty

Host: James Walton

Wednesdays: 9:00pm/Eastern  6:00pm/Pacific

Hosts I am liberty

What is the next step for preparedness and self reliance? Once your cupboards are stocked and needs are met for whatever the future holds, what is the next step? I Am Liberty is about prepping on a community scale. We are stepping away from the freeze dried foods and the ammunition to cement relationships and structure within our communities. Through efforts like community gardening, Co Op business and farming as well as bartering and time banking. You will hear from relevant guests as well as success stories from those who are in action as we speak! I myself included.

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Reality Check

Host: Micheal Kline

Fridays: 9:00pm/Eastern  6:00pm/Pacific

Reality Check with Micheal Kline is a meat and potatoes kind of show. Each week we will tackle tough subjects that people will likely deal with during a major event. This show is not about making sure you have a food or water source or that you bought that cute little radio. We will be talking about advanced subjects and topics that are not always covered in other mainstream preparedness shows. Some show content might not be for everyone, but these will be topics and subjects that everyone is going to experience at some point in life.

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The APN Report

Host: Bob Hawkins

Saturdays: 8:00pm/Eastern  5:00pm/Pacific


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