Sunday 1:00pm/Cst 6/5/2011, Lynna, Janett and It’s a Disaster

Lynna has a special 90 minutes in store for all experienced and newbie preppers. Are you vigilant? What about Recover after the Disaster? Are you prepared, aware and have a plan from start to finish? Janet Liebsch of It’s a Disaster and what are you going to do about it, will share her expertise with all of us on these questions and more. Find out about Janet and Bills special offer to assist Disaster Aid. Don’t miss this special!

Janet Liebsch is co-founder of FedHealth and co-author (with her husband Bill) of “IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it?” She’s also the Arizona state moderator on the American Preppers Network. Since most people are complacent about preparing for the unexpected, Bill and Janet have developed ways for the private and public sectors to collaborate and gently force this customizable preparedness data into homes and businesses while helping fund nonprofit groups, schools and First Responders in the process. The first edition of IT’S A DISASTER! was released late 1999 and FedHealth has since printed hundreds of thousands of copies and donated millions in cash and match back to communities nationwide.


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Many Preppers out there have a lot of good information to share but have not the venue to get it out. It is important in the Prepper community to share what we know. We are a group of like minded American citizens who believe in being prepared and being aware. In combining our knowledge and resources we become even stronger and more resilient.

So many of our fellow Americans have become dependent on others as well as government for all there needs and answers. This is not what our forefathers had in mind.

In these troubled times there is no better feeling than to know that if disaster strikes in any shape or form you will not have to rely on others, you will be prepared. Important as well is to know that those standing next to you are also prepared.

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