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Friday 7/8/2011 8:00pm/Central

Tonight I will be picking up from where I left off on last week. This episode will be more about quick shelters and then a dive in to edible plants. A list of plants you can eat, identifying, testing, preparing, medicinal, and other uses. Time permitting, we will also talk about animals, surviving attacks, hunting with snares and a whole lot more survival information. Join us right here on Listen and Chat page tonight 8pm/Cen..


Ranting From Reno!

Wednesday 7/6/2011 8:00pm/Central

On Ranters Radio we will draw the line in the proverbial sand, here, now, and will not waiver in our commitment to stop socialism in the country.

The Ranters Radio Show will also cover Prepping for newbies and lazy people. This is a great opportunity for people that have always meant to start prepping but didn’t know how. You can now join in and get involved. We will start with the most basic information about prepping and survival in emergency situations and provide more advanced information as the show progresses.

We will also feature frequent live guests, human interest stories, and current events.

Steve is also known for having the best sideburns in the business.


What Is A Prepper, Definition Of A Prepper

What is a Prepper?


Prep-per noun

Definition of a Prepper

: a person who advocates and practices preparedness

: one who prepares for any event that would disrupt there daily routine.

Description of a Prepper

A prepper is one who practices self-reliance and independence by preparing in advance for any and all foreseeable and unforeseeable changes in normal life. These changes can be as simple as a cut finger or as great as a man made or natural disaster.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Prepper

To plan for, protect, defend, and care for one’s family.

To help, whenever possible, those that are willing and wanting but unable to help themselves.

To reach out to those that want to learn and practice, independence and self-reliance.

To ward off tyranny where ever it may raise its head.

To fight for and preserve the rights as given him in the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution.


Camping and Tips as told by Prepper Mike B.

As I was driving up the winding Mink Creek Road into the Caribou National Forrest, southwest of Pocatello, Idaho. I reflected on a Memorial weekend camp out 14 years ago in the Buffalo Campground at Island Park, Idaho. I was joined by my sister and her two boys. Instead of enjoying the sounds of nature, I was treated to the sounds of three nearby families arguing and the droning of generators. I made a vow to myself that weekend. I would never camp in a Continue reading Camping and Tips as told by Prepper Mike B.


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