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Raising a Dog for Hunting and Farmlife

DO you want a dog for your farm that will not chase and kill chickens, and that will still retrieve birds and track wild game for you? Find out how to get that in this episode of Homesteady Live.

Since we first moved to the farm we have owned dogs. We have made mistakes in buying dogs, training, and owning. We have learned big lessons. And we are very proud owners of a very well trained hunting/farm dog that we love.

In this episode of Homesteady live, we will talk all about the farm dog!

Our dog history…
Back when we first moved to the farm we purchased a newspaper puppy/backyard bred dog named Livie. Livie was a rottweiler. She was a nice dog but lacked intelligence, and sadly, was the result of bad breeding. In just 2 years we lost her to a problem that likely resulted from bad breeding. We learned our lesson, no more backyard breeders…

In the time since our first pup purchase, I developed an interest in bird hunting. As an active hunter, I thought it made sense to get a dog I could use for both bird hunting, shed hunting, and tracking game. So began the search for a hunting dog. We learned from our mistakes from the first dog, and this time was looking for a dog from a reputable breeder. Someone who knew what they were doing.

After a long search, we found 3 Cedars Retrievers. They are what you might call a boutique breeder. Not a backyard breeder who doesn’t know what they’re doing, and not a big puppy mill operation. They are small enough to take good care of their dogs but have a reputation to uphold, and thus take great care in the selection of their dogs.

Since then we owned 2 labs. You can hear the story of our first pups life, and sadly his tragic death in a previous podcast, listen here –

I have learned a lot about training hunting/farm dogs since. In this episode, we will share advice on
Breeds for hunting/farm
how to buy a hunting/farm dog
training a hunting/farm dog that will not kill chickens but retrieve birds

And we will share the story of Bones, my yellow lab, and his first big hunt we had in PA last week!

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