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This Thursday: “The Gunmetal Armory”  11/30/17

‘Range Bags, gear, and gun mags’

For Gunmetal Armorys’ 4th show, and our first HOLIDAY SHOW, we are going to discuss a few topics that came to us via request. We are going to talk range bags, rifle & pistol mags, Good mags vs. Bad mags, Good ammo vs. Corrosive “Bad” ammo, accessories we keep in our range bags, and so on.

Picking the right range bag actually does make a difference and can constitute a few different styles of pack/bag. Some shooters prefer the “small duffle bag” style range bag, whereas some prefer an actual backpack. We will discuss these range bag types, what they can carry, what I carry in mine, and what you should carry in yours!

After we talk bags, we will dive into the accessories and the items that are absolutely necessary for each bag, like medical gear, ammo, firearms, cleaning kit, and more. The natural progression beyond this is to advise on what types of mags are good, bad, and which mags are best just for the range. Following the discussion on magazines, we will talk about the ammunition carried in them, which FMJ or plinking ammo I prefer and why… And finally we will talk about why you need plenty of defensive ammo to practice with. And to finish up the ammo discussion, I will get into the “good ammo vs. corrosive ammo”, the effects of corrosive ammo, and a few small tips on how to protect your gun against these ammo types or care for it afterwards.

To finish the show, If we have enough time, I would like to bring loading accessories into the conversation, and talk over which ones I like to use. I am a big fan of a couple of mag loaders on the market for different reasons, and I will explain these loader and reasons in depth. So if you want to talk range bags, or find out what kind you should buy and why, or if you just want to know more about the gear in them, tune in to the next GUNMETAL ARMORY and find out what I carry, why I carry it, and a whole lot more..

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When it comes to preparedness, most preppers believe it is better to have it and not need it, rather than need it, and not have it. At the Gunmetal Armory, we agree 100%, but we also believe that applies to your firearms, ammunition, tactics, and other weaponry.

Just like our listeners do, we believe in being prepared and helping others get prepared. We prefer to tackle topics surrounding the armory, the items inside it, and the tactics used when deploying its contents. Although we are not strictly limited to these topics, TGA shows include Gunsmithing, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition for all three.

TGA shows also discuss the ins and outs of a primitive armory, types of primitive weaponry, how to make it, and how to use primitive weaponry. Our shows also cover various survival hacks, basic survival techniques, SERE Tactics and how to employ those tactics when necessary. We like to review all sorts of survival gear, how its used, and where to find it. We also discuss the testing of the gear, how it performed, and much more. We bring on Experts as often as possible to teach us new skills, answer questions, and discuss topics that are on the mind of most preppers.

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